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Fall is here and the leaves are falling!

by Myles McMorrow, October 31, 2009

autumn leaves - in your pool? This post is kind of late, unless you're in the Mid-Atlantic, where the leaves are just beginning to drop. But if you are lucky enough to have trees around or near your pool, this post is for you. Trees can certainly increase your cleaning and maintenance time when it comes to having a clean swimmable Pool. The good news is there are a lot of products out there designed to make life easier any time of year. They range from big leaf nets and leaf scoops to eco-safe chemicals. Let me just showcase a few to let you know what is out there to help you work less, and enjoy your pool more. Click the title links if you want more product info.


Leaf nets: ($30 and up)
These are big nets you cover your pool with so you can just pull them off with all the leaves on top. If you plan to use them while the pool is still in operation, they work best tightly stretched across the pool, using stakes in the corners or sides. After covering your pool with a winter pool cover, these can just be laid over top loosely, and tucked under the water bags or cover weights. Late in the Fall, and again when opening, slowly pull off the Leaf Net. The water drains through and all the leaves easily remove in one motion. Transport the Leaf Net full of leaves to your dumping location - easy!                                                    
leaf nets for aboveground pools inground pool leaf nets easy to lift off of the pool, the water drains through! CLICK TO ENLARGE
Above Ground Leaf Nets In Ground Leaf Nets Easy to Use Click to Enlarge  
Leaf rakes ($10 and up)
These are some of our better skimmer nets that clip onto the end of your pool pool. They run from flat nets to large bag scoops to help you remove debris from the pool surface (flat nets) to off the surface or pool bottom (bag type, also known as a "Drag Bag", because you can easily drag it behind you as you walk the pool perimeter.
Cost varies on these items, but generally speaking, the more expensive items in this category are made to commercial standards, and will last much longer.  
flat skimmer net - for girls... great leaf bag for scooping from the floor swivel skim and swivel skim elite red baron
Flat Skimmer Net Leaf Rake - Bag Type Swivel skim The Red Baron         
Auto cleaners ($125 and up)
Auto cleaners are the best thing ever made for swimming pools. Drop them in the pool, connect them and they can do the work for you! Automatic pool cleaners come in 3 classes: suction, pressure, and robotic. For more info on the class of pool cleaner that will work for your pool click here      
q7 quattro cleaner turbo turtle pool cleaner orion pool cleaner
Suction cleaner   Pressure cleaner   Robotic cleaner
 Underwater leaf vacs ($10.97 and up)
Big Sucker Leaf Master 
These items are very useful for the pool with overhanging trees. After a windstorm, attach the Big Sucker to the end of your pool pole, connect a garden hose, and suck leaves into it's own oversize bag. It is a fast way to clean the bottom of the pool. The garden hose creates a venturi suction to lift leaves, twigs and acorns up into the bag.
No more stopping to empty the pump basket, the Big Sucker can handle deep leaves! If you connect it to your dedicated cleaner line, then you've really got power!
skim it leaf skimmer
These are great for pools with not enough skimmers, or one that can't keep up with the volume. They extend the reach of your skimmers and divert debris into your skimmer basket - before they soak up and sink to the bottom of the pool. Clips onto any vinyl liner skimmer ( not made for concrete type inground pools).
cover catcher

I hate pulling off a solar cover only to have all the leaves that were on top fall into the pool, don't you?  Hate, or at least inconvenience, must be the mother of all invention.
The CoverCatch cover accessory. It helps you collect most of the leaves on the pool cover for removal. What a great invention.
Just drop in the floating CoverCatch as you are rolling up your blanket and before the end, sweep or blow the leaves onto the CoverCatch.


bug off
Better Living through Chemistry! Lo-Chlor Bug Off is a unique formulation that helps rid the pool of insects, especially water boatmen. Easy to use, fast acting, non-foaming formula will not affect water balance. Place a capful per 100 sqft at one end of your pool and all surface debris goes to one side in a pile, for fast scooping. Yes, that is right, no more running in circles to catch leaves. It is safe for lakes and ponds too. It creates surface tension sending debris running to the other side within 10 min!


 Pool Pole Pruner

pole pruner
I can't tell you how important this pool tool is. Simply attach the pool pole pruner to your telescopic pool pole, and you are easily able to reach branches as high as 20'. Why clean leaves out of your pool, when you can prune the overhanging branches quickly and easily? The pool pole pruner is stainless steel and aluminum construction, for years of reliable use.
It can also be used without a pole, as a hand pruner. If you're tired of trees shaking leaves into your pool all day long, perhaps it's time to trim them back! Easier to do this time of year, after the leaves have fallen. The Pool Pole Pruner tool is item MPP010.



So, there you have it ~ some of our tools and wisdom on how to keep your pool clean. Trees are beautiful around a pool, but they certainly shed debris both spring and fall. Use the right tools, and you'll skim more off the top, before they sink to the bottom, becoming much more difficult to remove. Comment below if you have methods or tools not mentioned above.