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Car Crashes into Swimming Pool

Car Crashes into Swimming Pools
by Rob Cox, November 30, 2010

Car Crashes into Swimming Pool

Not such a rare occurrence, people driving their cars into their swimming pools. A real mess to clean up, but usually the driver and occupants escaped unharmed. Not so in the case of the driver in the video shown above. Not all those who drive their cars in swimming pools are so lucky to get out alive. Here's a recount of 2010's top candidates for a driver of the year.


WPBF.COM Broward Sheriff's Office deputies rescued a man from his car after he crashed it into a pool at his apartment complex. Deputies said someone reported a suspicious vehicle in front of the Park Plaza Apartments on SW 23rd Street.Investigators said that when deputies arrived they found a man sleeping behind the wheel of the car with the engine running. The deputies tapped on the car window and woke the man up. Deputies said the man then shifted the car into drive and began to move forward while the deputies moved with him. Investigators said the man then stepped on the gas, drove through a small playground before crashing his car into a pool. The deputies then jumped in the pool, smashed the car's window and helped the man out of the car. He was taken to University Hospital to be checked out. Deputies said the man lived in the apartment complex where he was found sleeping in his car.


MYFOXNY.COM - A woman who had been missing since Tuesday apparently drove her car into her own frozen backyard swimming pool in Rockland County, N.Y., and died, officials said. Responders pulled the body of Marianne Bax, 52, from her submerged car Wednesday. Police said the accident may have happened Tuesday night because Bax's husband and son had been looking for her since then. Police are investigating the incident on Continental Drive in West Nyack as a possible accident. Investigators said that they do not suspect foul play and did not find a suicide note. The pool was filled with water and had a layer of ice, according to video from SkyFoxHD.The car appears to have backed up through some shrubs, over the lawn, and through a chain-link fence before diving into the pool.

UPI.COM  Florida authorities said a motorist and his passenger, a golden retriever, were not injured when their Mazda 3 hatchback plunged into a swimming pool. Witnesses said the pool at Eagle Harbor apartments in Clay County was empty Saturday when the car crashed into the water, leaving only the top of the vehicle visible from above the water, WJXT-TV, Jacksonville, Fla., reported Monday. Neighbors said the driver appeared relaxed but disoriented after escaping the car with his canine. "He wasn't panicked, he was really, really calm," witness Neal Mars said. "I was pretty sure he had no idea what just happened." Authorities said the man and the dog were treated at the scene for minor injuries. Investigators said they have yet to determine the cause of the incident. Tow truck driver Mike Tewkesbury said it took three drivers four hours to free the car from the pool.

March 24, 2010, East Bridgewater, Mass.

MYFOXBOSTON.COM A 62-year-old driver was taken to the hospital after she crashed her car through two fences and into a pool in East Bridgewater. The accident happened Tuesday afternoon on Washington Street when Marjorie Ponder drove into an in-ground pool. Ponder said her blood sugar was low and she blacked out, and she doesn’t remember losing control of the car. Fortunately, the homeowner and two neighbors rushed to the scene, and rescued the woman. “They’re wonderful. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. They’re my angels,” Ponder said. Ponder suffered serious injuries, but was released from hospital. “Before jumping in, I remember the thought crossing my mind that she’s going to die,” said homeowner Jennifer Pavao. The fire department will give the three rescuers awards.

July 30, 2010, Lockport, NY.

AP Police said a Buffalo-area tow truck driver was texting on one cell phone while talking on another when he slammed into a car and crashed into a swimming pool. Niagara County sheriff's deputies said 25-year-old Nicholas Sparks of Burt admitted he was texting and talking when his flatbed truck hit the car Wednesday morning in Lockport. The 68-year-old woman driving the car suffered head injuries and was in good condition. Her 8-year-old niece suffered minor injuries. Sparks was charged with reckless driving, talking on a cell phone and following too closely. It couldn't be determined Thursday morning if he has a lawyer.

August 31, 2010, Orlando, Fl.

CLICKORLANDO.COM The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating what caused a 73-year-old woman to crash into an Orlando pool. Orange County Fire Rescue said two cars collided near the intersection of Whisper Lakes Boulevard and John Young Parkway.The second car, a Cadillac sedan, went through the fence and sank in the pool. The airbags of the Cadillac deployed, making the driver unable to see, FHP said.The driver of the Cadillac, Mary Brenenborg, 73, was able to get out of the car and was taken to Florida Hospital Kissimmee with minor injuries, FHP said.The driver of the first car, Jeanine Kern, was taken to Dr. Phillips Hospital with minor injuries.FHP said the drivers have conflicting statements regarding who had the green light.FHP said charged are pending in the crash. 

 November 16, 2010 - RANKIN COUNTY, Miss.

WAPT.COM A 16-year-old driver lost control of her car Wednesday morning and crashed into her neighbor's backyard pool, deputies said.  The homeowner, Janell Verucchi, said she was drinking coffee on her back porch when she saw headlights coming at her house."She hit all this fence, which came flying toward me, and the car was right behind it," Verucchi said.Verucchi said it appeared that the girl was trying to turn into the subdivision and lost control, hit a tree, smashed through the fence and then went airborne into the pool."I could hear people screaming. I called my neighbor next door, but before he was able to get here, a fireman who was on his way to work stopped and he stood up on the car. He was able to get her out," Verucchi said.Verucchi said the driver was on the phone with her sister when she crashed. Rankin County emergency officials said that because of the oil from the car, Verucchi will have to hire professionals to drain and clean the pool.

So, drivers! Let's be careful out there? A swimming pool is just around the next corner, and through the backyard. Cars crashing into swimming pools... seems that the fun may never end!



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