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Above Ground Pool F.A.Q.
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Above Ground Pool F.A.Q.

by Guest Blogger Dave Mispilkin, December 27, 2011

Above Ground Pool F.A.Q.

types and sizes of above ground pools





•    Can an above ground pool have a deep end like an in ground pool?
Of course! Many oval pools have a deep end. You can usually get a deep middle or end on any pool shape though. Generally these deep ends will only go up to 6ft. If the floor is sand, you may expect some uneven areas as the pool transitions to the deeper end. Above ground pools with a deep end generally use an "expandable liner", to fit the bowl, or hopper. Wrinkling of the pool liner on the floor may be more common on pools with a deep end or deep center.
•    Is it really that important for the ground to be level?
Absolutely. This is actually one of the most important aspects of installing your above ground pool. Use a laser level and check frequently while setting up your pool. Keep in mind that you should always dig extra dirt from the higher end. Do not add dirt to the lower end for safety reasons. If the pool is not level, the water won't be either, and this puts a strain on the walls on the high side of the pool.
•    How am I supposed to tell what type of liner my pool has?
It is very likely that your pool either has an overlap liner or a beaded liner. Overall, overlap liners are the most popular. These types of pool liners hang over the top of the pool and are held down by rods or coping clips. If you can see liner on the outside of your pool then you can be certain you have an overlap liner. If you cannot see the liner hanging over the wall, you probably have a beaded liner on your pool. This type of liner doesn’t hang over the pool, but rather snaps into a groove at the top of the pool wall. This groove is called the liner track.
•    What is the recommended amount of time an above ground pool filter runs everyday?
It is recommended that you run your entire pool filtration system for a minimum of 8 hours everyday. More correctly, you want to filter all of the water in the pool at least once per day. Twice per day may be overkill, but will keep the pool cleaner and you may use less chemicals. 3x per day, and you're just wasting energy, and over-filtering the pool water.
•    I’ve been told I need to backwash my filter. How often must I do this?
As little as possible. A dirty sand filter works a bit better than a clean one. You should aim to backwash your filter whenever your filter pressure gauge reads at least 8 lbs more than it usually does after backwashing. Or, 8lbs higher than the "clean" pressure reading of your filter. Follow the instructions on the side of your pool filter tank, or find your owner's manual online. If the filter is sized correctly and is functioning properly, you may expect to backwash once per month.
•    I’m finally getting ready to install my pool. How exactly do I fill it up?
The easiest way to fill up your new above ground pool is to hire a water hauler to fill it up. This could cost a couple hundred bucks to fill the entire pool. Some people use their garden house to fill up their pool. This will work as well but generally will take longer and you’ll be expecting a higher water bill. Some counties will allow you an exception to the sewer portion of your water bill, if you take meter readings before and after filling. Ask your water provider for details.
•    Are round or oval above ground pools stronger?
Before the vast improvements in above ground pool manufacturing occurred, round pools were the strongest. However, today there really is no difference in strength between round and oval pools. Oval pools may have "kickers" coming out of the side uprights as additional supports. Oval above ground pools with more rigid uprights do not require these additional supports.

David W. Mispilkin has been in the above ground pool installation business for the past 15 years. His experience includes, but not limited to above ground pool and liner sales, repairs, and installations. Over the years, David has installed thousands of above ground pools and liners from various manufacturers and has expertly installed moved and changed pools and liners. You can see more at davesabovegroundpools.com





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