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How to use bearing pullers to replace pool motor bearings

  How to use bearing pullers to replace pool motor bearings

by Rob Cox, January 18, 2012

How to use bearing pullers to replace pool motor bearings

bearing pullers for pool motor bearings

I like to say - "Replace your motor bearings when the noise level exceeds your tolerance". I got a comment the other day that said I should add "...when it exceeds your neighbor's tolerance". Either way, if your pool pump bearings are screaming to be replaced, you can replace them yourself with a bearing puller tool.

To use a bearing puller tool, however, you first need to tear down the motor, so that you can get to the front and rear bearings, which sit on the motor shaft. After removing all of the plastic pump parts (everything that's attached to the motor), you should pull off the motor's rear cover cap.

Locate the through bolts, there are four of them that run from the rear of the motor, to the front, to hold the motor casing, front bell and end bell altogether. Use a 1/8" nutdriver to remove all four through bolts. If they resist, spray WD-40 onto the threaded end before continuing. You don't want one of these bolts to break off the threads.

After removing the thru-bolts, use a flat head screwdriver and mallet to knock the end bell, or the rear closure piece, off of the center body of the motor. Knock it on both sides and pry a little bit to remove the end bell. Now you will see the exposed rear bearing. Take note of the number printed on it, you will need to order an exact replacement motor bearing.

Now you're ready to use the bearing puller. Hold the arms of the bearing puller together and bring the hooks which point inward, underneath the bearing. Tighten down on the big screw, until the pointed tip of the big screw comes into the divot on the end of the motor shaft. Tighten down a few more turns, and the bearing puller will pull the bearing up, loosening it for your removal by hand.

Repeat the procedure on the front bearing. The front bearing is usually a different size than the rear bearing, so make note of the bearing number printed on the bearing race. When you install the new bearings, use a bearing tamper, another special tool - or a foot long piece of 1" pvc pipe works well to seat the new bearings into place.

For replacement pool motors, pool motor parts, including pool motor bearings, seals, and of course, bearing pullers, see our Pool Motor Parts Page.



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