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Gift Guide for Cool Pool People

Gift Guide for Cool Pool People
Rob Cox, November 30, 2012
Gift Guide for Cool Pool People


If you're reading this, you probably know someone with a pool, or you yourself have a pool in your backyard. Everyone likes to get a new pool accessory as a gift - even if they can't use it now, they'll thank you for it next season!

Gifts for pool owners of all ages - that's how I've categorized by gift list below. Boys, Girls, Dad & Mom, there's something for everyone! Give the pool owners on your list something they'll really use! They'll think about you everytime they enjoy these fun and relaxing gifts for pool owners.

     Cool Pool Gifts for Boys

The Log Flume Inflatable Joust set is fun for all ages, but young boys seem to enjoy it most. Or brother vs. sister, as shown in the picture. Players straddle their logs, and use the soft inflatable boppers to try and knock opponents off of their log and into the water. Adults can join in the fun too! These are a big hit at pool parties!

Battle Station Squirter Set are dueling squirt gun pool floats. Set includes a docking port Battle Station and two 53 in. x 28 in. Battle Boards. Players have 2 water guns aboard their space ship inspired kid's pool floats.

Since these squirt guns have a constant supply of pool water, they never have to stop to refill!

Sea-Saw Rocker inflatable pool toy puts to fun use the excess energy of boys. Heavy duty handles and sturdy foot pockets allow for easy starts and dizzying heights. Best for boys under 100 lbs, the lighter they are, the higher they go!

It's one of our largest inflatables. At 90 in. x 60 in. - you're going to need an air pump to blow up this inflatable pool toy.

     Cool Pool Gifts for Girls

The Tea Cup Spinner is based on the popular amusement park ride of the same name. 54 in. tall tea cup holds 1 person, the rider, while friends outside spin the saucer. 

Also suitable for smaller children, with close supervision. Inflatable seating area, no leg holes.


The Giant Inflatable Swan has been a favorite with Australian girls for 10 years, and it seems that American girls are no different. You may think that this swan is real as it gracefully floats around your pool surface. Use as a ride-on or as a tanning float. Inflatable Swan measures 75 in. from beak to tail.

Fairy Tales Mermaid Toy. Mermaids are a popular theme in young girl's pool toys, and so are fairies. We've combined them both with our Mermaid fairy! Available in 6 different versions, all with different colors.

Each Fairy Tales Mermaid toy comes with her own sea shell comb, (for combing her hair, of course) and a color coordinated Sea Horse friend.


     Cool Pool Gifts for Dad

The Pool Shot Varsity pool basketball game is perfect for guys that like to show off their jump shot in the driveway. There is no better quality pool basketball game. Regulation sized backboard and basketball, and made of rugged UV resistant materials.

Easy to follow quick set-up. Includes net, ball and hardware.

dad funErgo Pool Lounger is big enough for even your big daddy. Oversized inflatable pool float with high back and plenty of leg room. It's like floating in an easy chair!

Give dad a break next summer with a pool float that won't sink under a little weight, or fall apart from use by a ... 'ahem, larger gentleman.

The Pro-Chip Island Golf game is a floating putting green, complete with flag. Velcro covered balls hold fast to the green when they are chipped from the included astro-turf green.

Putter not included, but you do get the floating green and flag, and 12 floating wiffle golf balls, velcro sticks where they land. Be nice if regular golf balls did that.


      Cool Pool Gifts for Mom

Baja floating pool loungerBaja Luxury Floating Chair is made from thick foam covered in vinyl. The Ensolite foam resists scrapes and gouges, and holds it's color against strong outdoor sun. 

Also available in a Lounger, known as the Baja II.Both models fold for easy storage, and have a convenient carrying handle.


Chill Lite for mom's around the poolIf your Mom has an eye for decor, she'll appreciate these durable indoor/outdoor accent lights. Set them around the patio or pool deck to illuminate the night. Rechargeable battery powers the unique Loon LED lamp inside, which can be removed and used as a small light - even underwater! Chill Lites are available in 4 different styles. For pool, patio or garden.

aquajogger fitness start up kitI'm not suggesting that Mom needs to workout more, and neither will you be when she finds this under the tree. She'll just think how thoughtful and unique this gift is. If she has to ask what they are, you can tell her that their unique shape allows her to dial in different levels of resistance by simply twisting the ends. Great for getting some fitness benefit from the swimming pool. 5 minutes with Delta Bells, and you'll feel the burn.


There you have it, 12 gift ideas for everyone on your guest list. Oh, and one more thing - if there are any new babies in the house, or on the way, take a look at our baby pool floats page. Lots of great ideas for starting to acclimate a baby to the water. Olympics 2032 will be here before you know it!



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