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Hot New Pool Toys for 2013

Hot & Cool Pool Toys & Games for 2013
by Rob Cox, January 14, 2013

Hot & Cool Pool Toys & Games for 2013

I've always said that pool toys are my favorite product category. I love the time of year (months ago) when we get the new pool toy catalogs, and we can plan on which toys to stock for the coming year.

2013 is a big year for pool toys - we've added dozens of new floats, games and pool toys to our pool toy department. Here's some of my favorite new pool toys we have stocked for the coming pool season. I hope you like them as much as we do!

New Inflatable Pool Toys

Log Flume Jousting Game - pool bop!I could see this game at your next summer corporate picnic! Adults and kids have fun with the new Log Flume Joust game, or as I like to call it - the Pool Bopper Game.

The idea is simple - straddle your "log" and use the soft, inflatable jousting "bopper" to try and knock your opponent off of their log into the water.

Log Flume Jousting Set



inflatable canoeThe inflatable canoe for kids looks like a Tippy-Canoe, but it's actually quite stable with the inflatable side pontoons on the bottom.

48 inches long from stem to stern, it's perfect for gliding across the pool, or floating down the river (also holds a full size cooler for your floating pool or river parties).

Inflatable Kids Canoe



battle stationsBattle Stations, everyone! You can buy the Battle Station squirters with or without the docking station. The docking station allows 4 kids to play - with two seated back to back inside the docking station.

Each side of the docking station and each floating warship includes 2 squirt guns and shield. A total of 8 squirt guns - guaranteeing a good soaking for anyone nearby, including the family dog.


Battle Station Squirter Set


inflatable pool volleyball game, cheap volleyball setMeasuring 10 feet across, the inflatable volleyball set is perfect for small kids or small pools. Quickly inflates and deflates, allowing you to play volleyball anywhere there's water!

Inflatable volleyball set includes net and game ball. No assembly required, and easy to inflate. When deflated, stores in a small box.

Inflatable Volleyball Game



The Inflatable Sphere is one of my favorite new pool toys for 2013. While inside, kids can walk the sphere from one side of the pool to the other, or can be rolled around by other swimmers.

The Sphere has a hole on each end for easy access. Put two kids inside and you're sure to soon hear shrieks of delight, as they rock and roll around the pool. We also use this in our grassy front yard (avoid large hills, or rough ground).

Inflatable Pool Sphere


labyrinth pool floatThe Labyrinth floating island is one of a kind. 9 separate holes allow for an entire party of kids to hang out. Could also be used for games with beachballs or volleyballs, with different points for making the ball in different holes.

Heavy duty PVC construction can take the roughest treatment. Yellow and blue colors keep the material from getting too hot. 92" across.

Labyrinth Floating Island



floating boat house inflatable habitatThe Inflatable Boathouse Floating Habitat, entertains kids and shades them too! What kid doesn't want a boat of their own for hanging out with their friends.

The Boathouse Floating Habitat measures 78" long x 52" wide x 63" high and includes inflatable boat, buoy rings, and removable roof raft for non-stop fun and games. Can be used in the pool, in the yard, or inside the house!

Inflatable Boathouse


inflatable teacupInflatable Tea Cup Spinner is a bit of fun borrowed from the famous amusement park ride, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Or is it Beauty and the Beast? 

The idea of the game is simple - 1 person gets inside of the teacup, while the other players spin the teacup, 'round and 'round. Makes me dizzy just thinking about it - but for kids, it's a world of fun.

Inflatable Teacup Spinner


New Pool Noodles

neo noodles


Neo Noodles are not your ordinary pool noodles, these are made of a colorful mesh polyester (not foam), and are filled with lightwieght and quick drying EPS foam beads.

Definately not your father's pool noodles, these are soft and comfortable, for floating, exercising or whacking your brother over the head with!

Neo Noodles


doodlesDoodles are also a unique pool noodle, because they are also not your traditional extruded foam, but are inflatable vinyl. Simply inflate to use, deflate to store.

At almost $2 each, Doodles are an economical pool noodle that can also be used as pool party decorations or photo shoots. I've even used these to seal up gaps against the wall on an in-the-wall safety pool cover installation.



super duper dipperSuper Duper Dippers, besides being fun to say, are made of the dense foam of our finest foam pool floats, and covered in thick and soft vinyl.

Undoubtedly our best pool noodle, for comfort and style. At 7" diameter, it's so large, that this jumbo pool noodle could serve more than one swimmer. Comes in green (shown) or a teal color.

Super Duper Dipper


New Pool Games

pool petz - shark It's not an inflatable shark, but is filled with lightweight, quick drying EPS foam beads, that keep this shark floating, even with riders.

The foam beads and the soft polyester mesh fabric also make this pool shark a great hugger. 42" long!

Unique shark is also useful as a pool party or photo shoot prop. Nearly lifelike appearance looks much nicer than an inflatable vinyl shark.

Pool Petz Shark

gobble gobble guppiesFor the wading pool set or the kids in the baby pool, this cute game can keep them occupied for hours. The large fish eats up the smaller fish - I guess it's a life lesson to learn, at some point!

Set includes large (and hungry) orange shark, with 5 guppies. Shark has a hinged jaw that opens with a squeeze trigger. The game, of course, is to scoop up the guppies into the happy shark's mouth.

 Gobble Gobble Guppies


splash blasterThe Splash Blaster shoots water or green ping pong type balls up to 30 feet! These lightweight balls don't hurt if they hit you, or a nearby window. If left floating in the pool, your skimmer will clean it up.

Set includes the Splash Blaster and 3 balls. If the balls go missing, you can substitute similar, or use the Splash Blaster as a water gun for the pool or yard.

  Splash Blaster


Swimming pool toys are fun, they are my favorite category of products that we sell at poolcenter. After looking at parts and equipment all day, or writing about pool safety or pool repair topics, I enjoy looking through our new pool toy selection in the warehouse. My kids too, will soon be asking about their annual shopping trip through the warehouse. They're going to enjoy this year's selection of pool toys and games!



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