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Happy New Year to the World!

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by Mark Garcia December 31, 2013

Well, we've come to the end of another perfectly good year. Time to put away disappointments of the year and make a fresh start. 

When I was child, we'd celebrate New Year's Eve by watching TV all night, and then banging pots and pans together out in the street. Ho-Hum. As I became much older, New Year's Eve was spent at nightclub extravaganzas. Later in life, I discovered the First Night events, and last year, finally, I went to NYC for NYE, to watch the ball drop. Don't ever do that...

I find myself wondering how other cultures around the globe celebrate their New Year's Eve. In a bit of live blogging, here's some eastern countries that have already welcomed 2014!

New Year's Eve Celebrations around the World Right Now!


Hong Kong






8 Odd New Year's Eve Customs around the World

BOLIVIA: Bring an empty suitcase with you to the town square. Walk the plaza on NYE for good travels.

DENMARK: Jumping off of chairs at midnight is the way Danes jump into the new year.

ECUADOR: Dressing up as a scarecrow is popular for NYE. At midnight, burn a scarecrow in the front yard!

MEXICO: Wearing yellow underwear on New Year's Eve brings good luck. For other places, it's has to be Red.

NEW ZEALAND: Bang pots and pans loudly. Hey, someone else does that! Wards off bad spirits? 

PERU: Boxing matches allow residents of the small town of Takanakuy, to settle their disputes, and move on.

PHILLIPINES: All things Round. Wear polka dots, and eat round food. Brings the year full circle?

SPAIN: Eating 12 grapes at midnight, one for each chime of the church bell, brings good fortune.


I can't believe it! I got through an entire blog post without even mentioning swimming pools!

Happy New Year - may 2014 be the best ever! Mark Garcia


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Mark Garcia


images via NBCnews.com and CNN.com