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Inground Pool Winterization Check List

In Ground Swimming Pool closing checklist
Mark Garcia September 04, 2015

I hate to say it - but winter is right around the corner. At least here (in the mid-Atlantic), we have another month of mild pool weather (hopefully).

So, at least for us, it's the perfect time to take stock of pool closing supplies and be sure that we're ready for the big day. If you plan to close the pool yourself, it's important to do an early inventory, so you know what needs to be ordered for the job.

Also important is early water balancing and shocking of the pool, a few days to a week ahead of pool closing day - so that your water is optimum for hibernation. And of course, if there is algae or poor water conditions - it's best to fix these before covering the pool, or your risk stains, etching and deposits.

So Gear-Up and Get Ready! Pool Closing Season is upon us! Here's a quick checklist for some winter pool supplies that you may need!



And now - here's a quick run-down on the winterization process. I'll cover in more detail in an upcoming blog post. Or you can visit this popular page on inground pool winterization, for a quick read. 


  1. Balance the Pool Water
  2. Clean the pool very thoroughly
  3. Lower the pool water
  4. Add your winter pool chemicals
  5. Clean the pool filter thoroughly
  6. Remove drain plugs on equipment
  7. Blow the lines (removel water from pipes / equipment)
  8. Plug the lines (so no water gets back in)
  9. Add Skimmer bottles (or use a Gizzmo)
  10. Shut off Power to pump and pool light.


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Mark Garcia