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22 Things to do with a Pool Noodle

21 uses for pool noodles
by Mark Garcia July 11, 2014

22 Uses for Swimming Pool Noodles

Football Goal Posts, from FamilyFun, now Spoonful.com. Just use wood or steel stakes to hold noodles in the ground.


Kick Croquet Lawn Game, by Inner Child Fun, is a fun game for kids to burn off some energy.


Pool Noodle Ring Toss game, from the Joys of Boys, with instructions on 5 summer pool noodle Activities


Headboard for kid's bed, from FamilyFun, now Spoonful.com.


Trampoline Spring Protectors, from SoSickWithIt.com on their page of simple ideas that are bordeline genius!


Backyard Water Park ideas; from Event Horizons comes Noodle Sprinklers, with detailed pics on construction.


Floating Pool Shade, from MyHusbandisCrazy.com, made from pvc pipe and pool noodles.


Floating In-Pool Table, from Lifehacker, made from a cutting board and a pool noodle.


Noodley Beverage Boat, from Instructables.com, made from a plastic storage box, string, and a pool noodle.


Pool Noodle Javelin Toss is from the Hallmark Channel, with complete instructions on how to make it with 8 pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Swing, from Simply Natural Mom, all you need is a rope, 1/2 a pool noodle and a sturdy tree!


Shopping Cart Bumper, from Living My LIfe on Purpose, safe and sanitary!


Jedi Knight Light Sabers, from the Muddy Boots Blog, gets these fun toys made for $1.44 each!


Pool Noodle Raft, from the Headley House, could be a lifesaver if marooned on a desert island!


Flip Flop Wreath, from Fox Hollow Cottage, shows how to make a pool noodle wreath, for any season!


Pool Noodle Garland, from Dollar Store Mom, can be used for any occassion, indoors or outdoors.


Marble Race Track, from HomeSpun Threads, easy to make race track.

Noodle Curtain, from Makezine, shows how to make a fun party decoration with pool noodles and string.


Brithday Candles, from Life Scraps and Patches, are reusable, year after year, for everyone's big day! 


The Pool Noodle Throne, found on Ciastoland, displaying more creative American ingenuity.


From Budget101 comes a Pool Noodle Toilet Seat; for campers or preppers and road trippers!

And finally, you can use Pool Noodles in the Pool! Poolcenter.com has tons of 'em, in all sizes!



22 ways to use a pool noodle - what other uses for pool noodles can you think of? 

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Mark Garcia