Free Solar Pool Heat?

by Rob, November 29, 2008

Free Solar Pool Heat?

We all know that the sun is free – at least in most regards. The last sunburn I got cost me plenty, from the Hotel in Nag’s Head to the gallon of Aloe Vera I slathered on afterwards. But are you ready for the sun to Pay You Back?!?  
Voters in Florida are…they have passed Constitutional Amendment 3 on November 4th, creating a property tax exemption for renewable-energy home improvements. This does not include solar pool heaters, unfortunately. It does include, however, solar hot water systems for the house and photovoltaic systems used around the home.   

   Amendment 3:  Hurricane and Energy Tax Break

Sponsor: Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission)

Title: Changes and Improvement Not Affecting the Assessed Value
of Residential Real Property

What it does:
Provides homeowners with a small property tax reduction when they make storm-hardening improvements such as adding hurricane shutters and hurricane-resistant shingles, doors and windows. It would also exempt renewable energy source devices like solar water heating systems. The property tax reduction would apply to rental apartments, second homes or vacation homes as well as homesteads.

Background: Currently, the Florida Constitution requires all property, with some exceptions, to be  assessed at a fair market value for the purposes of ad valorem taxation. State Sen. Gwen Margolis (D) of Miami Beach, a member of the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission, introduced the measure. Margolis, who is term-limited, is running for property appraiser in Miami-Dade County.

Proponents: Margolis, Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida TaxWatch

Opponents: No organized opposition

Financial impact: Taxpayers would save an estimated $3.44 million in the first year the measure is implemented, according to estimates by the legislature's Office of Economic and Demographic Research. That would amount to an average savings of about $15 for each of the 225,000 homeowners who would likely qualify. Homeowners could realize additional savings, however, in the form of reduced insurance premiums and lower energy costs.

Solar Pool Heaters will bring a $100 rebate, from the State of Florida, when you jump through all of the hoops (in the right order). The
CALFINDER website has a good primer on the Florida solar rebates.  So, the rebates aren’t all that great, not the deal of the eighties – but you can still find a great deal on Enersol Solar Pool Heaters before the end of the year. Prices are continuing to rise on 2009 orders, but for now, our remaining stock has 2008 pricing. Save Now on Solar Pool Heat!

Note:  heating a swimming pool can consume a lot of energy and add up to high heating bills. You can improve your swimming pool's heating and energy efficiency by doing the following: (from The United States Department of Energy)