How Safe is your Neighbor's Pool?

by Rob, December 15, 2008

How Safe is your Neighbor’s Pool?

It’s Summer time Down-Under right now, pools are open and so are the gates!

Please make sure your gates are closed year around! Also, check to make sure that your neighbor’s gates are closed too!
While inspecting, remember that gates should be self-closing and self-latching, or padlocked!

During the Holidays (and during pool season) please protect all of our young innocents… who may wander into your backyard.
Or your neighbors.

Vimbai Machakaire.
Photo / Supplied

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Toddler drowns in neighbour's pool

8:19AM Sunday Nov 30, 2008
A grieving mother has told how her 3-year-old daughter's body was found in her neighbour's pool.
Vimbai Machakaire was playing in her West Auckland garden with her brothers and sisters on Thursday when her mother Emily noticed she was missing about 6.30pm.
The family started looking for the toddler but fearing the worst called police about 7.15pm. They didn't think Vimbai had gone next door because she was scared of the dog that lived there. But that's where police found the toddler about 8pm.
"They opened the gate, they went inside," Emily said. "That's when they found her body floating in the swimming pool."
Emily rushed next door and found her daughter on the side of the pool. She held her lifeless body for almost an hour.
Attempts to revive her were unsuccessful.
Waitakere City Council has launched an investigation into the death. A source suggested Vimbai might have gained access to the pool area through a faulty gate.