Green Pool Lighting: Backyard Lightscaping

by John Galcius, April 12, 2009

The Pool Lights

There’s nothing like a beautifully lit pool on a warm summer night. But as we now pay more attention to conservation and the economy, Why not save money and create a beautiful, cool pool lightingcolorful environment around the pool and pool area.
When it comes to pool and patio lighting, there are so many choices available it gets confusing. Fiber optics, LED, LCD, Incandescent, solar lighting - lots of choices. By far, the most energy efficient lights you can get for the pool are LED or solar powered.
Solar powered pool lights are usually floating pool lights that gather the suns energy and store it in a battery. The average solar pool lights will shine for about 4 hours, then will need a recharge.
LED pool lights require a power source and are installed or mounted underwater. LED underwater lights offer an upgrade to your pool's appearance while lowering the cost of lighting up your pool and spa by 80 percent compared to any other lighting. LED light is very cost effective, and versatile way to light the pool. LED pool light bulbs have color changing ability that can transform the pool into either a red, warm romantic glow to a color changing psychedelic adventure, with the colors changing every 10 seconds with the flip of a switch.
Fiber optic pool lights use less energy than regular incandescent lights, and more than one item can be illuminated with the use of fiber optic lighting. Fiber optic lighting does draw more amps than LED lights, however, and remember, amps = $. The newest trend in fiberin the floor pool lighting optic lighting is using it to create a star pattern in the floor of your pool. Cheap to operate, but expensive to install! Hundreds of tiny fiber optic strands bring the night sky to the bottom of your pool.
It doesn’t matter if you have an in ground pool, or above ground pool. Pool Lighting can help you create an environment that will give you pool a glow like none other.
The Yard And Accent Lights
Your yard and patio lights really give you a chance to be creative. There are so many possibilities to light whatever you want. Highlight that favorite tree, or the pathway. Obviously, the most energy efficient yard lighting is solar powered. Solar yard and patio lights are inexpensive, easy to find and VERY easy to install and maintain. And the best part, they cost absolutely nothing to operate. That’s right, no electricity needed. That’s why solar powered patio and yard lights are the most energy efficient lights you can get. Low voltage (12 volt) systems are becoming widely used for landscape and pool area lighting.
Although incandescent lights are not as energy efficient as other types of lighting, there are low-voltage and low-wattage pool lights available. 12 volt lights are very versatile, and come in a wide variety of styles and installation kits. FIRE BOWLSHalogen lighting has made inroads into swimming pool lighting in the last few years, and almost all manufacturers offer their lights with halogen pool bulbs.
Another often overlooked type of yard lighting, is fire. A fire pit, or Tiki Torches will give your yard the feel of a tropical paradise. Connected to a gas source, pool side torches or fire bowls can operate at the flip of a switch, providing instant dramatic lighting and provide a heating source for cool nights. Adding the element of Fire around your pool is very Feng Shue, you know, even if it may not be the earth friendliest of lighting methods.

pool timerYour swimming pool lighting can be environmentally friendly by consuming less energy. One final tip - consider using timeclocks to automatically shut off lighting after a certain hour. Your local star searchers will appreciate a darker sky, while you save money on your electrical bill.

If you have other tips on how to save money on pool lighting, please let us know!