It's Pool Party Time! But let's be safe ~

by Myles McMorrow, June 15, 2009

Well by now your pool should be up and clean and all your family and friends are calling for you to have them over for pool parties and barbeques, its time to party!!!

Lets stop right there!!! Before we get into the fun times of pool parties did you know most child drownings happen when there are more than 4 adults in the back yard? That’s right , everyone thinks someone else is watching the kids!!! If you are going to have a party make sure someone has their full attention in the pool. Adults take 20 min turns at the pool or go to your local pool managing company and hire a life guard for the night (about $20 an hour) .They are cheap compared to the loss of a child. Sorry if I am come across blunt and to the point but this kind of stuff happens 3-4 times a week and it breaks my heart as a father. It is so preventable and supervision is the key to pool safety. I have worked on pools for over 15 years and have had a lot of customers lose children. For pool safety info go to
Ok now that I have informed you about the dangers let talk about the fun part of pool parties. I will go into a few great party products that can make any pool party a splash hit.
Pool parties, if done right can be hours of fun for adults and children. I have been to many over the years and the one thing people always over look is having plenty of ice. It gets hot poolside in the summer and ice does not last long in the hot sun and a warm drink is not inviting. Plan ahead and stock pile plenty of ice for your party. Nothing quenches thrust like pool side slurpees . Did you know they make battery operated blenders for pool side parties? Click here  
How do you plan on inviting people to you party, a call or email? Did you know there are invitations just for pool parties? Click here  
 pool party invitationspool party invitations
What spices up a daytime pool party better then a red,blue , or green pool? That’s right they make a non toxic pool water dye that will only last a few days and will not stain the pool surface ( kids love it and red is also great for Halloween and green for St. Patrick’s day) . click here 
Are you having a party that will go into the night? How about light up floating flowers and floating solar lights (great for poolside weddings) or the retro disco look? Candle lit or everlasting LED floating lights add a special pizazz to any pool party. Click here
How about a nice fountain at the pool without breaking the bank? Light up ones here and daytime ones here

How about something to keep all the kids happy, occupied and having fun? Nothing does that like some cool pool games and toys !!! click here 
Don’t have kids? How about all the grownups just plain ol’ relaxing in the pool in a nice lounger with a floating cooler by your side? Click here

Have a great pool party or two this summer, but remember to watch the kids! And...also watch the overgrown kids. Most diving board accidents occur to men 18-35, with a little extra weight on them, and a few too many beers. Improper use of the diving board has put many young men in wheelchairs for the remainder of their lives!

OK, now start planning the biggest, best pool party of 2009!