What to do when you Drop your Cell Phone in the Pool
cell phone
by John Galcius, July 22, 2013
With modern technology comes problems. Cell phones and water do not mix. If you drop your cell phone in the swimming pool, hot tub, or even a toilet, You will need to act fast. You only have a few seconds to save it. As soon as you retrieve it, REMOVE THE BATTERY. Don’t even take the time to turn it off. Just get the phone battery out ASAP. If the phone is turned on when it is wet, then it will short circuit the phone. The circuits will survive in water if your cell phone has no battery or any type of electric power attached. So, do not turn it on.
Just about all cell phone manufacturers have sensors in the phone that can tell if the phone got wet, and that will void the warranty, so chances of getting a replacement are slim, unless you have phone insurance. As soon as you remove the battery, dry the phone and battery as best you can. Start with an absorbent towel, or paper towel.
Try to “shake" the excess water out of the phone and battery (be careful not to throw it!), and wipe it off again. Use a blow dryer, if available, on the cool setting for a few minutes, combined with more shaking. Then take the phone and battery and put them into a bowl, or bag of uncooked rice. Make sure the phone is open. Rice is a natural absorbent, and will soak up the moisture. Leave the phone in the rice for 48 hours before trying to use it. It will be hard not to try to use it before then, but you must resist. Remember, leave the phone OFF for 48 hours.
Patience is of virtue here. If you have a saltwater pool, or If you drop your phone in something other than water, like soda or coffee, as soon as you remove the battery, rinse it in clean water. You can’t do any more damage, once the phone is wet, but the minerals left behind can.
I have dropped many cell phones into many pools over the years - next time, I will be prepared. I just came across a waterproof cellphone, maybe that's in your future - most phone manufacturers now offer waterproof cell phones.