Swimming Pool Rebate Programs and Discounts from Utilities

by Myles McMorrow, August 23, 2009

Swimming Pool Rebate Programs and Discounts from Utilities

Let’s face it , pools are a luxury item and have big costs associated with them. Everyone wants to lower their costs when it comes to operation of their pools.I think everyone is with me saving money and lowering cost , but what about getting money back? Is it possible to get money back? Yes.

The answer is rebates and I am not talking about manufacturer rebates. Did you know that power companies offer swimming pool equipment rebates for energy efficient equipment up to $200?

There are a lot of private and government rebate programs for energy efficient, green, or water saving pool equipment . The trick is how to find them. I will tell you where to look and have posted some of the resources that I have found.

Power and water companies: many have these programs - contact yours to see check availability. Most current rebates are for multi speed or energy efficient pumps and motors (the ones that will save you up to 90% on your power bill). Using a Variable Speed or Dual Speed pump will reduce your household demand on the electrical grid. This can allow existing electrical infrastructure to provide power to more people, more efficiently. And that's why Power Companies are paying you to upgrade.

Some Water Companies or Authorities will wave the sewage fees for pool filling, since the water is not returning to the sewer. If you are draining and refilling your pool, contact your water company for instructions on how to comply with their procedure for the discount. Some water authorities, when asked, will install a separate water meter for your pool water use, saving you sewage and disposal fees. Some will even give you a rebate for using a pool cover to stop evaporation.

States are offering rebates for solar or geothermal pool heaters for a green energy push. These are usually given from the Department of Energy of your state or your local county government.

Here are a few resources that I have found:


Anaheim Public Utilities »
Bear Valley Electric Service »
Burbank Water & Power »
Glendale Water & Power »
Los Angeles Depart of Water and Power »
Pacific Gas & Electric »
Pacific Power »
Palm Desert Energy Partnership »
Pasadena Water & Power »
Riverside Public Utilities »
Roseville Electric »
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) »
San Diego Gas & Electric »
Sierra Pacific Power (NV Energy) »
Silicon Valley Power »
Southern California Edison»
Riverside pool saver program»


Solar heater if installed from 2006-2010
Solar heater credits by states (search for "pool")


NSTAR, nationalgrid, WME, Unitil Rebate Form


Southern Nevada Water pool cover rebates
Boulder City NV pump rebates NVenergy pump rebates
Nevada Energy

New York

Long Island pump rebates

These are just some found from Goggling “swimming pool rebates” There are many more out there, it just takes a little time to find them. Another place to start may be at your local Utility website, or look to your local governmental websites for your county, city or state. I find that most governmental websites are very search friendly, with the proper keywords.