CPSC hearing on Unblockable Pool Drain Definition


by Myles McMorrow, November 22, 2009
Poolcenter.com testifies at the CPSC on the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act
I went to the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently to testify on the behalf of Poolcenter.com for commercial pool owners on making the wording of the law more understandable to the average pool operator. Poolcenter.com thought that the law wording was too confusing in the way it was laid out in the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act. We have seen many hotels, swim clubs, and water parks misinterpret the law making for unsafe conditions in swimming pools nationwide.
The hearing was held to discuss the rewording of the term “unblockable drains” as defined by the CPSC. I feel I made a point that a lot of other people in the industry overlooked. That was that most Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) or hotel owners do not have the correct training or knowledge to understand the wording of the law or implement the products to comply.
Most of the people in the hearing were designers, engineers, manufacturers, and trade association reps that have a greater understanding of hydraulics of pool systems and the injuries and deaths that can occur or the suction force potential a system has. CPOs or commercial pool owners just get course training on running the day to day operation of pools. They do not learn about the building, plumbing, or the technical properties of water flow through the plumbing , or hydraulics.
Poolcenter.com is heavily devoted to all aspects of swimming pool safety from the home pool to the commercial pool and feels that the law should be clear for all to understand. This just makes sense to us. If the law cannot be understood, people will not comply correctly. 
I enjoyed Speaking at the CPSC hearing (although I could use some public speaking practice ~ LOL ) I would definitely do it again in the name of swimming pool safety to insure swimming is save for all people. 
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