The wonders of swimming pool engineering

Sean Griffin, December 18, 2009

The Wonders of Engineering
still think you can build your own pool? Pool design has come a long way over the years. With advancements in technology and endless possibilities in modern engineering, swimming pools have become marvels of modern day design. No longer is a pool just a hole in the ground, with cinder block or poured wall construction. Yes, pools have gotten rather fancy.
Swimming pools date back to 2500 B.C. in ancient Egypt and later in ancient Greece, Rome, and Assyria. Swimming pools became popular in the middle of the 19th century and have not looked back since. The standard backyard swimming hole has been outdone by unique design and elaborate construction. Who would have thought swimming pools would end up protruding over the side of skyscrapers?  
  nice pool! new york city, i think...
Vanishing Edge
Another design becoming more and more popular is the “Vanishing Edge” pool. Also known as a Negative, Infinity, or Zero Edge pool, this unique design uses a catch basin allowing for the continues overflow of water. The water level at one or more edges of the pool is equal to the surrounding structure creating an Illusion of a continuous pool edge. Using this construction in conjunction with the surrounding landscaping pool builders can create a breathtaking panorama, turning your pool into an unreal sanctuary.
vanishing edge pool
This is a great example of what a vanishing edge can achieve. Bringing together a body of water, the surrounding mountainous landscape, and incorporating the elevation and sky view, the ultimate optical illusion is created…and can be enjoyed. Imagine floating around this pool on a lounger, it would be like floating on a cloud. There is no question as to why this design won the prestigious ASLA 2008 Residential Design Honor Award.
Waterfalls and Water Features
Another popular pool construction incorporated in modern design, are waterfalls. Waterfalls, as we all know, occur in nature. Not only do these natural occurring formations help visually enhance a swimming pool they also achieve an audio stimulus. Rock formations can be custom made to conform to any landscape. Waterfalls are not limited to a rock formation and can be installed at any location in any manner. A spillover from your spa back to your pool is a form of a waterfall. Waterfalls and water features can be part of the surrounding landscaping, part of the pool construction, or isolated and independent from the construction.
waterfall and water features
Swimming Pool Slides
Just like water features slides can be incorporated into the construction built into the surrounding rock formations or be independent. If you did not have your pool designed with a built in slide you can easily put one in. Slides are even designed with artificial rock formations to blend into your backyard. The benefits of having a slide are obvious…..FUN! Sliding down a watery slide can entertain children and even adults for hours. Check out some of the slides we carry that can easily turn your pool into a personal water park.
 cool pool slides
Negative edges, slides, fire pits, and waterfalls can be used to enhance your backyard swimming pool. These features can be achieved after construction, some more easily than others. To spice up your already existing swimming pool check out some of our Backyard Living products and slides.

fire pits around a pool