Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show 2010

by Rob Cox, February 10, 2010

Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show 2010

ATLANTIC CITYSince 1982, the North East Pool & Spa Association has hosted the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show. And for most of those years, I have been attending, or at least since about 1988. The trade show brings together vendors, manufacturers and providers of all types together with pool builders, retailers, service companies and more. The "AC Show" has distinguished itself as a national show, although nearly 3/4 of it's 12,000 attendees are from New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York. 

This year Jon Ruhe and I made the trip in my car; about a 4 hour drive from Northern Virginia to Southern Jersey. Laptop open the entire time, we made plans on who to see, what deals to make and how to make use of our 2 days away from the office. As usual, first stop is the Tropicana Hotel and the Welcome Party. Saw Mark Del Rocco from Loop-Loc making the rounds, Drew Steibling of Waterlines kept popping up, and Tom Alber was happy to be there. Raypak's Chris Cloutman had some backyard horror stories, and Marianne Kiernan, the grande dame of APSP added a necessary touch of elegance to the affair.

OK, enough name dropping - what is likely of most interest to you, my dear reader is this - what are the hot new pool products for 2010?




polaris 9300 sport cleanerPOLARIS 9300 POOL CLEANER: On the way into AC, you start to see billboards, usually announcing the appearances of acts like Carrot Top and the Moody Blues. Was I surprised to see a highway billboard introducing the Polaris 9300 robotic pool cleaner on the Atlantic City Expressway! I made mention of it at the Jandy area of "Zodiac avenue" during the show. They were glad to know someone noticed. Characteristically Cool Polaris styling.


jandy check valveJANDY VALVES - LARGE: For years, Jandy has produced the 1.5" and 2" valves that are so predominate around pools.  If you are running a 3hp Jandy Stealth pump, the new large neverlube valve was made for you. Shown is the Jandy Check Valve, also large - it accepts 2.5" pipe on the inside or use a 3" coupling around the outside to accept 3" pvc pipe. Super Cool.

Picture the four sided gable roof of a backyard cabana, and on each corner, steel 4x4 columns raise and lower the cabana roof, which serves as an insulated spa top when lowered over the top of the spa. To open, turn the key and it lifts up 5 feet above the spa! Sterling Leisure products brings you the Covana ~ and you could have it for around $3000, plus installation.

speck pumpsSPECK 3 SPEED PUMP & SOLAR PUMP:  Pentair has the Vari-Flo, but it's MAP {protected} priced, and whoa, what a price! And there are two speed pumps, but how about a 3 speed pool pump?!? Also new to the US, the 3 hp Solar powered pool pump connects to PV solar panels for "Off the Grid" water management.

orenda technologies logoORENDA CHEMICALS: Orenda has been a contributor in our Pool Talk forum for years, especially on pool chemical issues. He's always spot on, and it's good to see his chemicals on display in the SCP booth, and within the network of the largest distributor in the U.S..

SMART & GREEN LAMPS: These just look so cool - Jonathan seemed less than impressed, which surprised me, because he really likes floating, lighty things. If you're looking for California Cool or a Desert Dawn ambience, check out these large waterproof lamps, with remote control.

POOLBOY AUTO POOL COVER: OK, who doesn't need an automatic solar blanket reel, with remote? Aren't you tired of the manual cranking to roll up your solar blanket onto it's reel? Quit cranking, Soul Ja Boy! Neat idea, we'll see if it catches on.

Thanks to the guys from HPI  for having us out for a nice dinner, and also thanks to Great Lakes BioSystems for some great pasta on Wednesday. You guys from Blythe are the reason we got home at 4am! And of course to Baystate for hosting not one party, but two parties at the Trop. My wife would like to have a word with you....  such is the life of the pool business - in the Northeast. Dinner, Drinks, Cigars... not too shabby! Good times were had by all, new alliances forged - others fertilized, some left to rest and regenerate.

We'll see you next year, Atlantic City! I wish I could visit on a warm day, enjoy the beaches - but that would be during pool season!