Organize a Pool Safety event in your neighborhood

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by Rob Cox, April 11, 2011


5 steps to planning a Water Safety Event

May is National Water Safety month, and many communities are gearing up for activities and events supporting safe water practices, rescue training and the overall enjoyment of water related activities. A joint venture between the NRPA and APSP, and now involving the Red Cross and other notable public service organizations, National Water Safety Month needs volunteers like you to be sustainable.

Volunteers are planning now for events during May to promote pool safety. You can organize pool safety fairs at a local pool, or take the message right into the classrooms and communities of America. Water survival, swimming skills, rescue and cpr are just some of the topics that can be demonstrated, exhibited and promoted.

Step 1: Find a Location.

It needn't necessarily be at a pool - think of anyplace where people congregate:

  • Water Parks or Aquatic Centers
  • Community pools
  • YMCA, Health Club
  • Pool Retailer Store, Libraries
  • County Fairs, Arts & Crafts shows
  • Schools, Churches, Civic Organizations

Step 2: Find Partners.

Partner organizations lend credibility and an added volunteers force. Don't skip this step!

  • Police & Fire Departments
  • Local Swim Teams, Swim instructors
  • Pool Service or Management companies
  • Lifeguards
  • Civic Organizations (Lions, Kiwanis)
  • Church Organizations
  • Park Authorities, YMCA's, Hospitals
  • Red Cross, Local APSP chapter
  • Other Drowning Prevention organizations and alliances

Step 3: Sell Table Space and Sponsorships.

You need cash to buy brochures, media and other water safety giveaways and promo items

  • Send personal invitation to all potential partners who can contribute with
    • Volunteer resources, refreshments, fund raising activity such as a bake sale
    • Rent a tabletop at the event, to promote their products/services for $25 +/-
    • $25 +/- Donations in exchange for sponsor logo appearing on printed materials

Step 4: Promote your Pool Safety Event.

Use all the modern day communications tools to get the word out.

  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Local social networks
  • Newspaper or Cable TV Public Service Announcements
  • Community newsletters or bulletin boards.
  • Create flyers and posters for schools, businesses and organizations in the area
  • Ask local organizations to send your announcement to their email list
  • Create a Free online press release at

Get started today ~ planning your own National Water Safety Month event! For more information, click the links on top of this post.



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