This is why your pool service company sucks!

This is why your pool service company sucks!
by Rob Cox, May 10, 2011

This is why your pool service guy sucks!

Pool Service companies range from one man and a truck to large companies with fleets of trucks. Good pool service firms are becoming harder and harder to come by. What follows is a short list of the horror stories we have heard over the years, from customers fed up with sloppy service; forced to become their own DIY pool service men and women.

Not all pool service companies are poor, many are not. Let this list serve as a guide to what to look out for if you hire a local pool service company.

1. Untrained pool janitors. Sure, they can empty a skimmer basket, maybe vacuum the pool, but that's about it.

2. Stoned and Stupid. Prefer a service route, away from an office, where they can smoke and drink.

3. No concern for Safety. Exposed wires, low water level, open gates and removed pool alarms.

4. Trample flowers, erode hillsides with discharge water, drive trucks across the grass.

5. Over-chlorinate the pool, to keep their job easier.

6. Run the timeclock 24 hrs per day, to keep their job easier.

7. Spend more time in your pool than cleaning your pool.

8. Charge you for chemicals that are not used, or use your chemicals and charge you for it.

9. Create problems with poor water chemistry that ruins plaster, vinyl and heaters.

10. Like a shifty auto mechanic, exaggerate repairs and replace unnecessary parts.

These are certainly the exceptions to these poor examples of pool service, and I mean no ill sentiment to the pool service industry. But if you're going to charge $125 per hour, I expect a well groomed, uniformed professional to take proper care of the pool!



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