Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas

Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas
by Rob Cox, June 27, 2012

Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas

now that's a pool remodel!

Have you ever thought about remodeling your pool into an absolute paradise? I know, I know, these are hard economic times. However, remodeling your pool can be cost effective. Depending on the type of pool you have it can also be relatively inexpensive. So let’s talk about a pool remodel. Clilck the links on the page to view photo pages.

Most of our references in this pool remodel blog post are for inground gunite pools, but if you have a vinyl liner pool there are many pool renovations that you can also make!

New pool liners, add a spa, change the lighting, add planters and wood deck areas. All will change the look and feel of your pool.  

Waterfall Wonderlandawesome slides and waterfalls

Water features can range from water slides to waterfalls. Waterfalls or Cascades add that extra something to every shape and style pool. Many companies offer natural-looking artificial stone waterfalls for a fraction of the price of natural stones. Fountain bubblers are great additions for pool owners with children. The mini-geysers can be built into a pools sun ledge.

Deck jets are amazing because of the way they shoot water from the swimming pool deck back into the pool. You can add fiber optics to the jets to add an array of colors for nighttime illumination. There are even apps that allow you to coreograph a light, water and music show. 

Waterslides are the best way to upgrade your backyard pool into a water park. Water slides come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes; 360 degrees is no problem! You can also build that water slide right into the landscape waterfall, or rock feature to give it the look of a natural slide. Water features are great additions to swimming pools, but for a more romantic and mature looking pool area nothing beats a fire feature.

Fireplace Fantasy in your Backyard

A Fire Feature tends to be one of the most popular outdoor additions to a swimming pool area. Fire pits can vary in shape and size. So, let your imagination do the work, and consider fire as both decoration and as warming heat. A fire pit can use wood (requires clean up) or be set up for natural gas or propane.

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are the best way to make a statement in any backyard landscaping or pool project. A daily focal feature in your backyard, but as the night cools off, it becomes the center of the party. Now, think about sitting outside looking at the stars in your backyard with your fire feature lit. How peaceful is life at that moment?

Light Up Your Landscapelighting for your pool

You say you want a very inexpensive way to add value to your pool area. Add pool lighting! When planning your lighting design, take your yard, landscape and pool size and design into consideration to highlight the best features. LED and Fiber Optics can be added to the pool above or below the water. Above the water lighting can out line key features of your new and improved swimming pool.

Under the water lighting can be arranged in such a way to give you the illusion of different shapes, such as constellations, at the bottom of your pool. Uplighting can add class to various different objects. Consider creating a wall of light using a series of visually appealing trees. The trees do not need to be on the edge of the property, they may be relatively close to the pool deck, thereby narrowing the view to the immediate area. Another lightscaping improvement could be lighting the steps or pathways to your swimming pool, or lighting the perimeter of the pool deck.

A general rule of thumb is that the brightest lighting should be the most distant.  Remember one thing when it comes to lighting. Less is more. You are trying to add little light and secrecy to your backyard pool getaway, not get cited for light pollution! Being able to control different banks of light or lighting effects can be useful to set the mood just right.

Your Very Own Backyard Paradise

You can also make a significant change with the addition of a few luxury extras. Some popular features that many homeowners are choosing to add to their swimming pool designs are beach entry and vanishing edges. A beach entry allows you to enter your swimming pool through a shallow sloping entryway. This feature requires a large area to gradually slope the entrance into the water. It gives the user the feeling of being at the beach in their backyard swimming pool. 

infinity edge pool
Vanishing, infinity, or negative edge pools are a great addition if you pool is built on a slope, or has a million dollar view. This type of pool gives the appearance that the edge of the pool disappears into the horizon.

The water creates a waterfall, as it flows over the edge, a falls into a basin where it is recycled back into the pool.

This is a two-for-one. You can have the feeling of the pool floating with a vanishing edge and a waterfall in your backyard swimming pool. 


Now is the Time to Remodel

So that brings us to the very last question. Are you ready to think outside of the box? Your swimming pool remodel can be extremely easy depending on your preferences. From water features and lighting to fire features and vanishing edge; your pool remodel is in your hands. Remember to have fun with it because it’s your pool area paradise.


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