Dreaming about Swimming Pools - What does it mean?

Dreams about Swimming Pools
by Rob Cox, December 04, 2012
Dreams about Swimming Pools

Used by Permission from Photographer Elena Kalis

I'm not talking about the dream of pool ownership, but dreams we have during our slumber. It turns out that dreams involving water, swimming and swimming pools can be very meaningful.

In an article at HuffPost, August J. Cwik, Psy.D., points out how water plays a special role in our dreams. 

Cwik suggests, 'Dreams about water may be encouraging the dreamer who is too concrete, rigid and stuck to become more balanced in his/her consciousness, into dissolving some of that rigidty.'

Dreaming of water can be cleansing and refreshing, tranquil and serene. It can also be turbid, turbulent and frightening, like the dream I had after watching the movie 'A Perfect Storm'.


Dreams of Swimming

Swimming is something of an effort, and depending on your swimming skills, swimming through the water has a certain level of anxiety associated with it. Swimming in dreams, without too much distress, represents that you are dealing with issues effectively. It's a common dream for those in therapy or recovery or people going through a period of personal growth.

If you are swimming under water, this is said to mean that you are feeling overwhelmed, and are sinking under the weight of an emotional burden. Treading water could mean that you are doing just that - treading water, in some area of your life.

To analyze a swimming dream, look for other symbols.

  • Are you swimming away from something, or being chased?
  • Is there something in the distance that you are swimming towards? 
  • Are you calm and at peace while swimming, or is there anxiety, stress or fear?
  • Is the water calm or rough, and visibly clear or dark and dangerous?

Dreams of Swimming Pools

For the competitive swimmer that swims daily for training, dreams of swimming pools may be fairly common. If you dream of a familiar pool, your own pool for example, in familiar and comfortable surroundings, it's also probably not filled with meaning.

Deep pools, or swimming in the deep end, or in deep water could mean that you are having difficulty in some area of your life, whereas swimming in the shallow end has the opposite meaning, and can be a peaceful dream.

Dreaming of dirty pools, or dark, turbid water suggests some fear of a future outcome which you are unsure about. If the pool is filled with garbage or odd items, you may have some interesting themes to your dreams.

Dreaming of a clean pool however, symbolizes calm relaxation - or it could mean that deep down, you desire a new pool cleaner! ;-)


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