Top Ten Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts

Most Common Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts
by Rob Cox October 18, 2013

Most Common Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts

Another in our series of blog posts taking a closer look at pool parts. Today's parts pictorial focuses on our favorite pool cleaner at poolcenter - the Polaris line of automatic pool cleaners.

Polaris pool cleaners, in all it's many forms, are an engineering marvel. Their designs have evolved over the years, and they are known as some of the hardest working, best performing pool cleaners.

Polaris pool cleaner debris bag animationI was a bit surprised to find out that out of the top ten polaris pool cleaner parts, 7 of them were debris bags.

Shown left here, in my little animation, are the most popular replacement bags for polaris cleaners - the 280, 380 and the 65/165 model.


For the remaining most popular polaris cleaner parts, can you guess which parts are the most commonly purchased? There are only 3 left in my top ten list, and they are:

poalris 360 hose section 9-100-3102

The polaris 360 is the low pressure version of the polaris pool cleaners. It uses no booster pump. The feed hose is the hose that carries the water to the cleaner unit.

Polaris 360 has four (4) hose sections, connected by large hose swivels and hose nuts.

Whether not taken care of, hung on a hook, attacked by chemicals or attacked by a dog, we sure do sell a lot of these Polaris 360 hoses.


Polaris Pool Cleaner Tire, White

The C-10 Tire fits models from the old 180 to the 380, including the model 280 and 360 polaris pool cleaners.

Tires should be replaced when they have lost their edges and begin to round - just like the tires on your car.

Maintaining proper wheel alignment, belt tension and replacing bearings when needed will help you get more mileage from your polaris tires.




polaris backup valve

The polaris backup valve is known as a hydrotimer. Inside of the acorn shaped body is a mechanism of gears that are turned by the small paddle wheel in the flow of the water.

As the gears spin, every 3 minutes or so, the port on the side of the backup valve opens and water spurts out, which pulls the hose and the cleaner off the floor, and usually lands it in another direction.

Small grit or sand can gum up the gears of the hydrotimer, or bad hose floats can drag your valve along a rough pool bottom and damage it. You can replace just the case, or the mechanism, or the entire Valve Kit, which includes hose nuts.


- Rob