Reignite your Pool Passion with Adult Pool Toys

More Pool Fun with Floats & Water Sports
by Rob Cox July 29, 2014

Rekindle your Pool Relationship!

adult pool toys - image purch from dreamstime


Summer is starting to Peak! Are you prepared for maximum fun in the pool? 

Get your pool ready for August fun - and enjoy your pool more by adding a fun float or water sports game!

Over time, many pool owners tend to actually enjoy their pool less and less, it's only natural - but two old friends don't have to grow apart!

Spice things Up in your pool relationship, with these cool loungers or active accessories for adults, and spend some quality time with your pool this summer - before it's gone!




Cabana Shirt Pool Float                $29.99
Cabana Shirt Pool Float

Board Short Double Lounger        39.99
Board Shorts Double Lounger

Body Glove Dual Lounger            $99.99
Body Glove Dual Lounger

Cooler Couch Pool Lounger        $54.99
Pool Cooler Couch



Floating Golf Greens   $39.99 to $399.99
Pool Golf Game

Water Volley Regulation Game   $289.99
water volley regulation pool volleyball game

Slam Dunk Basketball                  $749.99

Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard        $599.99
bali stand up paddleboard


- Rob