National Pool Opening Day is April 30

by Rob Cox, April 26, 2017

National Pool Opening Day is the last Saturday in April - image by istockphoto

National Pool Opening Day is this Saturday, April 30th - and to encourage your participation, we are offering free shipping, and deep discounts on our best selling parts, equipment, accessories and pool toys.

The last Saturday in April has been officially designated as a national U.S. holiday. It's a new holiday, now in its second year, so I understand if you haven't heard of National Pool Opening Day before, and now you know!

What can you do to celebrate the occassion? Open your pool of course, or at least get out there and perform some spring clean-up and chemical and equipment checks, to get ready for your actual pool opening date.

Pool openings sweep north across North America during spring. Those in the deep south never close their pools, bless their hearts, but more northern homeowners begin opening pools in April, reaching a peak at the end of April. As we move into the month of May, each week becoming warmer, pool openings slowly migrate northward at a walking pace of about 10 miles per day. 

If we had a cool tool to display a 'heat map' of regional pool supply purchases during spring season, it would probably produce some slick graphic like this .gif from the Weather Channel. And actually, our spring sales do follow temperature trends. Be prepared this spring by having all of your spring start-up chemicals, parts and supplies on hand.



Besides outside temperature and weather patterns, a lot of pool owners time their spring pool opening -after- the flowering trees and bushes have dropped their petals and pollen. Having a sunny pool, or a pool heater, heat pump or solar pool heater and you can have an open pool for many more months, enjoying the 'shoulder seasons' on each end of summer. So when is the right time to open the pool? Many folks open the pool in mid-May to allow time for the water to clear for their Memorial Day celebrations.

When do people open their pools? A heat map, of sorts...

Giving yourself an extra week of pump, filter, heater and cleaner operation can be a lifesaver if there are unforeseen repairs that become necessary. Your pool equipment could throw you a curve ball, and if down for too many days, it can take a week or two for the water to normalize again.

TIP: I know many people that start their pump and filter systems (unwinterize), before removing the cover completely, to balance the water and begin treatment, for an easier spring opening. This also allows you to 'fail faster', by becoming aware of system leaks or equipment problems earlier, while the water is still below 65°, and the pool possibly still covered. Cold and covered water can withstand 1-2 weeks of not being filtered and circulated, but once the pool water warms above 70°, you will be lucky to have 1-2 days to sort out pump, filter or plumbing problems, before the water begins to turn...
National Pool Opening Day PC image, all rights reserved

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- Rob