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February (6)
  • Mesh Covered Pools Tips to Avoid Green Pool Openings
    The good news however, is that a green pool opening on a mesh covered pool is entirely preventable. With a little spring cleaning, you can ensure that your pool cover comes off to blue and clear water - even if you open a little later than usual.
    Thursday, February 28, 2013 8:23 PM
  • All About Pool Light Bulbs
    One of the more overlooked aspects of a pool is lighting. In today’s post we are going to go into a bit more detail regarding the different types of pool bulbs available and what each offers in energy savings, color and heat output. Each pool bulb type and style has its pluses and minuses - typically related to cost versus the lifespan of the bulb. For instance, a basic incandescent light bulb is the cheapest out on the market, however the average lifespan of an incandescent pool bulb is only 1,000 hours. Halogens cost a little more and offer a 2,500 hour lifespan, compact florescent bulbs cost more still, but last up to 6,000 hours.
    Monday, February 25, 2013 5:20 PM
  • Correcting Hazardous Single Main Drains
    Rob Cox
    For those residential pools that have a dedicated main drain line - running all the way back to the pump, a hazard exists. If the skimmer valves were closed off, and all of the suction into the pump is from the main drain only, a swimmer could be trapped on the main drain - in a pool or spa.
    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 11:38 AM
  • The Many Types of Pool Shock
    Rob Cox
    Calcium Hypochlorite, or Cal Hypo for short, has been the most popular form of pool shock treatment. Sodium Hypochlorite, popular with service companies and sunbelt pool owners,  was the alternative to using powdered or granular pool shock. But Cal Hypo, and Liquid chlorine - as popular as they have been, do have certain disadvantages.
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 4:27 PM
  • Bypass: The Hidden Pool Filter Problem
    Rob Cox
    When is a pool filter not a pool filter? When water is bypassing your filter, and returning to the pool unfiltered. It's a more common problem than you may think. If your pool water is hazy, cloudy or dull - or if you are plagued by frequent algae blooms, you may have such pool filter problems.
    Sunday, February 10, 2013 6:03 PM
  • Pool Ionizers and Swimming Pool Stains
    Swimming pool ionizers are devices that introduce minerals like copper and silver into the water to fight algae and bacteria. They can be useful for the pool owner that wants to reduce reliance on chlorine, substituting a more natural method.
    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 1:04 PM