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January (4)
  • Pool Chemicals for Dummies
    Mark Garcia
    Since there is no "Pool Chemicals for Dummies" book - here is an online version! basic information about the hundreds of pool chemicals available - What, Why and When you might need them, or not.
    Tuesday, January 26, 2016 10:18 AM
  • 7 Ways to Remove Chloramines
    Rob Cox
    7 ways to remove chloraminesChlorarmines aren't just a problem for pools, but for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, brewmasters, aquariums and fisheries, combined chlorine creates challenges. Just out of Geeky Chemical Curiosity, here's 7 ways to remove chloramines from water.
    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 5:43 PM
  • Winter Pool Cover Fail
    Mark Garcia
    Pictures of pool safety cover failures during winter - because of low pool water level. Let these dramatic pics be a lesson for the rest of us!
    Wednesday, January 13, 2016 9:52 AM
  • Painting a Fiberglass Pool
    Mark Garcia
    How to Paint a Fiberglass pool (or a fiberglass pool slide), complete the job yourself in 7 steps, and restore the luster and beauty to your fiberglass pool at a fraction of the cost of a new gelcoat.
    Tuesday, January 05, 2016 12:59 PM