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by "Admin Andy"  May 08, 2008

Anyone who has been to a community pool has no doubt heard the lifeguards shouting at children "No running!". A whistle is blown and everyone is told to slow down. There’s nothing that can ruin a fun pool party like a trip to the emergency room. Especially for something that could have been avoided. Swimming pool accidents are responsible for many injuries and deaths per year. Not only is drowning the most common cause of death of children under the age of 5 in many parts of the country, But countless of other injuries occur each year from falls, entrapment and just plain carelessness and negligence. The first and foremost thing we all need to do, is just use common sense.


Did we leave the gate open? Catch that phone call "just for a second" while there is a toddler around a pool? How about Uncle Billy, A few too many before jumping off of the diving board, or worse yet, off of the edge of the pool? Head first? Common sense and thinking twice can save countless of lives and personal injury. Kid’s drowning? I’m not one for numbers, but 65 percent of drowning involving young children happen in the child’s own yard! 75 percent of victims were missing from sight for 5 minutes or less.

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How many of these deaths could have been avoided. I shudder to think of how many innocent lives could be saved if we all take a little time, and use common sense around the pool. Glass bottles and glasses, extension cords, alcohol, running, horseplay, algae on the pool deck, pool chemicals, winter covers full of water or not secure. All of these present danger, and hazards for anyone around or near the pool. And how many of these can be avoided. All of them, Maybe, with a little common sense, we can save some lives.

removable safety fence

The Cantar/GLI Protect A Pool Removable Safety Fence is solidly constructed with Poly-Alum poles of unequalled strength. Strong stitched edging on all four sides make the Cantar/GLI pool fence the strongest in the industry. Double-dipped, Kevlar reinforced polypropylene mesh will never rot, mildew or unravel. Cantar/GLI Pool Safety Fence poles slide easily in and out of nylon bushings. Nothing to rust....ever!  The 1/2" solid aluminum pins are thin and long, unlike other manufacturers short and stubby pole tips. This makes installation a breeze with the small, 7/16" drill bit, and the thin tips make setting up and taking down your safety pool fence quick and easy.

removable safety fence

Locking, stainless steel latch hold fence poles together securely at the height of 48" or 60", and is quite difficult for children to unlatch. The tension between poles requires that one hand be used to slightly push the two poles together in order to remove the latch. Once the latch is removed, the pole is pulled up and out of the nylon sleeve. Entire sections of the pool safety fence can be quickly and easily pulled up and rolled up for pool use or for winter storage. Unlatch and remove one pole as your gate, or for greater pool safety, install our self closing, self latching swing gate with heavy duty hinges and Magnetic Top Pull type gate latch mechanism.

removable safety fence

Steps? No problem. A concrete or wood deck is required to set the nylon sleeves into. Cantar/GLI removable pool fencing is installed using a common rotary hammer drill. No complicated, expensive, hard to use core drill required. Completely encircle the pool, or butt-up the Cantar/GLI pool safety fence to another existing fence, hedge or adjacent building. Many pool owners in colder regions use a Cantar/GLI pool safety fence during the summer and a mesh safety cover for the winter. This allows for swimming pool safety and protection for the entire year.