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Customer Vision: Case Study

by Michael, September 30, 2008

Customer Vision is a Des Moines, Iowa software solutions company that POOLCENTER.com contracted to host and help implement the new Pool Community.   The Biz-Wiki tool provided by Customer Vision allows ease-of-use and top of the line support and is fully compatible and scalable across many different platforms.  POOLCENTER.com decided to "go with" the Customer Vision team after researching approximately 4-5 different community software providers.  It was clear that they were ready and willing from the very beginning with a test database having been setup only hours after placing a request for quote.  The ability of the software to mimic  POOLCENTER.com's new homepage design was key in the successful launch and the software proved to be robust enough to handle the task.  After some weeks of collaboration, testing, and configuration, the final product was unveiled in April of 2008 and continues to serve the interests of many hundreds of thousands of pool enthusiasts.  Below is a screen-shot of the Case Study by Customer Vision on how the process and eventual "Community Pool" came together; click on the graphic to read the entire document. 

Click here to visit Customer Vision's homepage!  Look in the lower-right of their homepage for the case study...

The Community Pool is comprised of Pool InfoPool Tube, Pool Wiki, Pool Blog, and Pool Groups.  Of the six, Pool Info was the first and actually was the beginning of POOLCENTER.com.  The decision to open up the discussion on pool related topics came with Pool Talk which was established in the late 1990's as a way for pool owners to participate in discussions with others with similar interests and spark online conversations that were saved in a knowledge base for future pool owners.  The Pool Community was then incorporated with the remaining 4 modules, a milestone as the first of its kind, an online Community Pool!  We plan to migrate "skin" Pool Talk and Pool Info into the same look and feel as the rest of the community and eventually provide a seamless environment with SSO "Single Sign-On" for all community modules for all community users.  

Customer Vision's POOLCENTER.com Case Study

When someone uses YOU as a case study, it is flattering and affirming all in one.  Just to think that with all their customers to choose from, they chose us as an example of how it could be accomplished; quite rewarding indeed.  We put their software to the test, and they passed with flying colors, maybe that is why they used us, to show that it can be done even under the most difficult circumstances.  The Customer Vision team was exceptional in their support, we remain grateful for their help and look forward to tapping the power of their Biz-Wiki for many years to come.

Click here to read the full-version of the Customer Vision:  Case Study about POOLCENTER.com!