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Winterize your pool with the Mighty Vac!

by Michael, October 18, 2008

A lot of you have asked for help with blowing your own pool plumbing lines. In our winter guide, we give an extensive written explanation, but nothing beats a good ol’ video presentation to help crystallize methods in your mind. In this video, we re-visit Joe Coxes pool, where we shot a pool opening video. An in ground vinyl liner pool, Joe’s pool was great for demonstrating how easy it is to blow out your plumbing lines with a Mighty Vac.

Shot by Shot – you can see how to hook up the Mighty Vac to your skimmer, and blow all the plumbing lines from one location. The Mighty Vac produces a high volume of air, at relatively low pressure. Connecting it to the skimmer, it can blow out the main drain, as well as your equipment such as pump, filter, heater and chlorinator. Then the air will blow out the return lines, bubbling as you plug the lines to keep water from getting back into the pipe.

Using the Mighty Vac - Part One  |  Using the Mighty Vac - Part Two  |  Using the Mighty Vac - Part Three

So easy, a Caveman could do it! (love those commercials) - click here to view your Mighty Vac options...