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Swimming Pools can be Environmentally Friendly, too!

by Myles McMorrow - February 28, 2009

environmentally friendly pool productsWith a growing trend of eco-friendly products on the market from solar self charging cell phones to smart cars, most people are trying to do their part to save our planet. A lot of these folks are cutting back on power consumption or saving water, or recycling more. Many swimming pool owners do not  know that swimming pools can be green too ( I am not talking about algae in the water).

There are many products on the market that can make a pool more eco-friendly and help cut back on energy bills and save water too. I will cover most in this article to educate all of you pool owners out there. There are also techniques or methods of operating your pool that can save energy, while not requiring new products to do so.Solar Pills

Let’s start with the biggest source of free energy on the planet, the sun. The sun of course heats the pool, but also evaporates your pool water. There has been a product on the market for about 30 years now that is nontoxic and biodegradable that does two things for your pool. The first is it will slow down the evaporation of the water (farmers also use this on irrigation ponds). The second thing is a byproduct of the first, it slows down the heat loss, keeping the pool warmer. For more product info click here:  https://www.poolcenter.com/liquid_solar_heating.htm 

Now for the next part of the power of the sun, free heat. For years now people have used the sun to heat their pools using solar heat. What you might not know is the US department of energy says solar pool heating is the most efficient use of solar energy there is ( yep, that’s right - beats solar electricity production).Have you ever been on top of a roof in the middle of  summer? Then you know the temperature can reach over 140 degrees. Why not put that heat in the pool? Solar panels are not that expensive and will pay for themselves in about 2 years.

solar pool heatersThey are easy to install and can be used to pre heat the water before conventional gas or electric pool heater to keep the gas and power bills lower. There are many types of Solar Pool Heaters on the market with many installation options from roof tops to fences to just laying on the ground. If you have the room, why not get free heat and lower your bills, right? The cost for a 40,000 gallon pool (about 20x40 ft & 8 ft deep end) is only about $2000 DIY installed. For more info click here  https://www.poolcenter.com/solar_pool_heating.htm.

 Next Blog post we will look at more ways to enjoy a blue pool, while being green!