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Natural Swimming Pools ~ a truly Green Pool!

John Galcius

, April 4, 2009

Dirt, rocks, grass and plants. Everything you don’t want around your pool. Right? Not anymore. Forward thinking, green minded homeowners are using these things to filter and clean their swimming pool water. They're called Natural Pools and they are becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe.  


Natural pools are swimming pools, just like in your backyard or community center which do not use chlorine or traditional pool filters. Natural Pools are filtered by pulling the water through a “regenerating” section. A standard pool pump and some plumbing pipes provide the circulation needed to push the pool water through the pool's adjacent natual filter of dirt, rocks and regenerating plants. It's kind of like having your own "wetlands". Also friendly to the surrounding micro environment, Natural Pools create a swimming pool that nurtures the surrounding nature.


Is the pool completely chemical free? Some are, and some aren’t. Natural Pool Chemistry makes several products that are made from organic materials that will keep the pool clear and free from bacteria. Natural, living enzymes are being used more and more to break down organic waste, and oils in not only natural pools, but in regular, chlorinated swimming pools as well. 

Now, don't think that owning a Natural Pool will easier or cheaper! We talked to a Natural Pool owner that tells us that it's actually more work than a regular pool. "Keeping the plants healthy and the water clear - keeping debris out...it takes time." Water testing continues as well, "You need to watch the pH, just like in a normal pool. We swim in our pool every day, so we also do a weekly bacteria test.
But then there's no filter to backwash, so perhaps it balances out. So it’s easy to see why these types of pools are catching on. No harsh chlorine and naturally filtered water. And Yes, you can swim a Natural Pool ~ they are perfectly healthy for humans as well as the Earth!