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Pool Slide Safety: Swimming Pool Slide Rules


by Myles McMorrow, June 2, 2009

the zoomerang pool slide


Pool slides are fun for all ages, but there are risks involved with using them. There have been countless injuries from misuse, ranging from scrapes and bruises to deaths.

 It is very important to follow these helpful safety tips when you are using a pool slide. The Official Swimming Pool Slide Rules!

#1 Make sure the slide is mounted per the manufacture recommended specs . For a copy of the Swimming Pool Slide Safety Standard, by the Consumer Product Safety Commission click here.
#2 Children younger than six years old or shorter than three feet tall should not use pool slides .
#3 Don’t push or scuffle on the ladder or stairs of the slide. Only one person on ladder at a time.
#4 Wait for your turn. Do not try to slide until you see the child before you has cleared the slide landing area or left the pool.
#5 Don’t slide holding toys or objects that can get caught on the slide and cause injury.G Force pool slide
#6 Only one person at a time should be on the slide.
#7 Don’t try crazy positions. Slide down feet first only all the time.
#8 Never try to make a pool slide slicker with oils or lotions.
#9 Never throw anything at anyone on a pool slide.
For more home pool safety tips visit the CPSC   New pool safety website at www.poolsafety.gov