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Dissecting the Nature2 purifier

by Rob Cox, July 15, 2009

nature 2 purifiers


Nature2 has now been around for 20 years. Hard to believe. One of the first "Alternative Sanitizers" to gain a real foothold into the US swimming pool market, Nature2 purification technology has grown into a wide variety of products to help maintain pool and spa water clarity. The pool industry has no shortage of available alternatives to Chlorine, some good, some bad. Some will cost you much more than Chlorine, some may cost less, but have other associated costs. Some work well, and some don't work very well at all, or have been shown to be problematic at best.

Nature2 does work well, and as a pool tech, having installed many Nature2 purifiers over the years, I can say that they definitely do reduce the chlorine demand in the pool, while adding a sparkling clarity to the water. It also gives the water a softer feel, with less chlorine smell. Nature2 is not a chlorinator, and it is not a standalone sanitization system. Using Nature2 in your pool or spa allows you to reduce chlorine levels to 0.5ppm, about 25% of the level naturewthat most pools run at. But what is inside of Nature2 and how does it work?
The engineers at Fountainhead Technologies originally set out to develop a non-electric ionizer. This would be accomplished with a metallic cartridge which would erode itself from the passage of water flow over it, thereby giving off its ions to the water. After years of testing, they had discovered something much more. In operation, the copper and silver cartridge causes dissolved oxygen in the water to separate into individual nascent oxygen atoms. These individual oxygen atoms are one of the world's most powerful sanitizers, destroying anything in its path as it tries to re-combine. So, we have an ionizer that also brings a catalytic reaction to oxygen molecules. Sort of like an ionizer and ozonator all in one. In addition, Copper and Silver are known as effective algaecides and algaestats, respectively.
From the original Nature2 Claritec, the company (now owned by Zodiac) has created dozens of different platforms for the technology. Originally it was branded out to larger builders under different names like Vision, Cleartech, Swimpure, Purity ~  for above ground and in ground pools. Spa cartridges were soon developed.  The newest invention, the DuoClear, combines Nature2 technology with a saltwater generator. Just add salt to the pool and a new Nature2 cartridge every six months and you nearly never have to worry about keeping sanitizer levels maintained. And, unlike other mineral purification systems or ionizers, Nature2 will not stain pools.
Sure it makes things easier, using Nature2, but there also is an environmental benefit that draws many to purchase. With over 300,000 units are installed worldwide, Nature2 is directly responsible for reducing the worldwide demand of Chlorine. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Chlorine – one of the best things to ever happen for worldwide health. However, there is an impact with creating and transporting chlorine, and it can be dangerous. In high concentrations, it can be harmful to plants and wildlife and streams that receive runoff from use or manufacture.  And, with recent reports that chlorine levels in pools are often 200 to 400 times higher than what's considered safe for the environment (source, Yahoo! Green) and findings that link regular swimming in chlorinated pools by young children to an increased risk of developing asthma (source, The Green Guide), the call to action becomes all the more pressing.
So, if you are looking to reduce chlorine usage in your pool or spa (and it is very difficult to completely eliminate use of a Halogen sanitizer) look to Nature2. It has withstood the test of time, and has proven itself to many pool techs and homeowners as one of the most popular alternative sanitizers available.
Happy 20th Birthday Nature2 !

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