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Loop-Loc mesh pool cover repairs and replacement

by Rob Cox, August 30, 2009

loop-loc elephant pool cover

Loop-Loc is the leader in the swimming pool safety cover industry. Backed by a 12 year warranty and fabricated with impeccable craftsmanship, Loop-Loc covers have become common in the backyard. The quality of Loop-Loc safety covers are undisputable - but like all covers, are not indestructible and are known to get a hole from a fallen tree limb or a hungry rodent trying to burrow its way through the cover. I've seen deer damage, exhaust pipe damage, chemical damage. Some were repairable, some were not.


For those smaller holes under 3x6 inches, Loop-loc has provided mesh cover patches. This mesh cover repair patch, made by 3M is self adhesive and can be ordered in the same colors as your mesh cover. These patches are made to last. They will conceal your rip or hole, blending into the cover and at the same time prevent further tearing and fraying. Patching on both sides is recommended.

Mesh material can be adhered to the cover with rubber cement or Gorilla Glue. It is also recommended to patch on both sides of the cover. Cut your patches to a rounder shape, as patches with square corners tend to start to peel off more easily. For added strength, stitch an edge, using an awl and some fishing line or heavy cotton thread. Or, stitch all 4 sides with nylon strapping, double stitched and cross stitched on the corners, if you want a real professional repair.

Sometimes holes and tears cannot be patched over and the hole in the cover can become a security issue. Holes in a mesh pool cover will begin to fray more and more over time. Loop-Loc, of course, conveniently offers factory repairs. All the customer has to do is remove the springs, clean and pack the cover, and send it in for repairs.

Loop-loc has a price guide for repairs but the exact cost varies from cover to cover based on size. A custom quote is sent to you (through a Loop-Loc dealer) with repair cost, usually within 2-3 business days. A comparison replacement cost is also provided. The most common repairs are small patches, panel replacements and/or strap replacement. Turn around time is about 3 weeks this time of year.


Over many years of use the mesh safety cover will begin to show it's age. Harsh winter, chemical use, and ultra-violet rays will eventually contribute to the deterioration of your cover. To ensure that you get the most use out of your cover maintaining and cleaning it is a must. Make sure to remove debris and or standing water regularly. That is, when you see the water touching the underside of the cover ~ it's time to lower the water level 6-12" with a small pump or siphon.

When storing the cover always take some time to clean the cover as you remove it. If there is a lot of debris on the cover, loosen half of the straps and use a leaf net and pole to scoop off the big stuff. Then use a powerful garden hose and/or leaf blower to clean the cover off, as you remove it from the pool. Cleaning section by section, as the cover is folded, seems easiest.

I often come across covers that have been stored in a barn or outside area, and as we pull out the cover, mice run across our feet! A folded mesh cover makes a nice winter home for a growing rodent family. Field mice love to make a nest inside of the folds, and many times they chew holes through the material. When storing the cover, inside the house is best. A few moth balls or even better, a bag of Mouse Away, keeps them out if you want to store it outside in a pool house, shed or under the deck, even the garage.


Nothing lasts forever. When your cover has excessive tearing or fraying and or straps are broken and springs are damaged it might be time to consider purchasing a replacement Loop-loc cover. To order a replacement cover we try and locate information on file through Loop-loc to avoid any measuring and re-drilling.

Your original order number had been stitched into the cover on the underside, if made in the last 15 years. It is typically located on the shallow end on the shorter side of cover. Another method to getting exact replacement is to have us check with loop-Loc to see if they have you on file. Easiest is Invoice number or Cover number, but if you don't have that, we could use the year the cover was purchased, name of the customer who bought it and name of the Loop-Loc dealer that it was purchased through.

Loop-Loc will also take your old cover and use as a template for customers with nothing on file, or for other brand mesh covers. Just clean the cover (please), remove the springs (or cut off the straps) roll it up tightly, box it up and send it to Loop-Loc Ltd, 390 Motor Parkway, Hauppage, NY 11788. For those customers who have tossed their old cover and have no information on file, it may be necessary to A-B measure both your pool and the existing anchor points to have a cover made to match existing anchors.

If your Loop-loc mesh pool cover is a "Stock Cover", or one of their standard rectangle sizes, you can safely purchase a regular stock cover, with or without hardware, and it should fit most, if not all of the existing deck anchors. Most of the stock cover patterns have changed very little in the last 15-20 years. If you don't need new springs and anchors, Loop-Loc has what they call a Fitting Allowance, which deducts 50 cents per anchor, and/or $1 per spring not shipped with a cover.

So, there you have it, some lessons in the Care and Repair of Loop-Loc mesh pool covers (and other brands like Meyco, GLI, HPI, Merlin). If you are looking for Loop Loc cover parts, like Springs, Anchors, Tools, Bags, etc... we've got you covered!