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Mesh is Best ~ Avoid the Mess with Mesh!

by Sean Griffin, September 19, 2009

Mesh Safety Pool Covers

Avoid the Mess with Mesh

So, you have been wanting a mesh pool cover for some time, but not sure about the price tag? Sure, they cost more than a solid pool cover, but if you do the math, in the long run a mesh cover will save you money. Interested? Read on, my friend.

merlin cover supports a car that lost control

Mesh pool covers anchored into your existing pool deck are ideal. Not only do they perform all the duties of a tarp style cover but they are a safety barrier to prevent drowning accidents. And they do all this while looking beautiful! Once installed, covering and removing the pool cover is very easy. Drainable mesh material will allow water to pass through while retaining debris. Once dry, this debris will blow off the cover in most cases.

Bubbles the Elephant, Loop-Loc covers

Depending on the manufacturer, mesh pool covers can last for 10 years plus and can be custom made to fit over any pool. Mesh pool covers attach to brass anchors that are drilled a wood or concrete pool deck and can carry a large amount of weight. Enough to hold small cars or elephants!

Polypropylene mesh covers throughout the industry utilize several different weave patterns. Certain weaves allow different percentages of sunlight to pass through. Manufacturers also offer solid covers with mesh drain paneling to limit and concentrate silt and sunlight that can get past the cover.

Mesh safety covers or solid safety covers with mesh drain paneling can save you money on your water bill when spring start up comes around. Typically the pool will be lowered during the winterization process, but come spring you have a full pool, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Perhaps the best advantage to having a mesh material cover is not having to monitor a pool cover pump. Cover pumps will often clog with debris or need to be re-set on the cover. With a properly maintained mesh cover there’s no chance of a swamp forming on top of your pool. It's always looking good.

Merlin Kaleidoscapes! cover

Safety Pool Covers overlap the pool edge and in most cases cover the coping stones, following the shape of your pool exactly. Tight like a trampoline, and available in many colors, mesh pool covers look as good as they perform.

HPI pool covers spring / anchor

Drainable mesh material is also offered without an anchoring system. The downside to this method is the mesh will rest on the pool water allowing debris to decompose and leach into the pool water. And it's definately not a safety cover.

If you install a safety cover, you may be a candidate for a savings on your homeowners insurance as well. The specifics vary between different agencies but it is worth seeing if you qualify.

So, to summarize, purchasing a mesh cover may be pricey at first, but there is a payback. Think of all the money you'll save:

  • Save money & time putting on and taking off.
  • Mesh covers can last 15 years or more in some cases.
  • No purchase necessary of water bags and cover pumps.
  • Saves of thousands of gallons of water per year.
  • No chance of messy cover failure; and expensive cleanup.
  • Savings on Homeowners Insurance rates.
  • Peace of Mind ~ priceless.

If you are in the market for a mesh safety pool cover...