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by Sean GriffinOctober 21, 2009

With more safety conscious lawmakers and modern local safety requirements, a swimming pool in your backyard is typically accompanied by perimeter fencing to keep out unwanted visitors and prevent accidental drowning. There is a variety of options to choose from when it is time to fence in your swimming pool. Local laws vary from state to state so be sure to check specifics to make sure you are in compliance and not at risk of being liable in the event of an accident. Fencing ranges from easily removable safety fences with mesh panels to sandblasted glass panel fencing with colors or programmed special effect functions.
wood fences for poolsmesh pool fencesglass fencing for pools
Adding that extra layer of protection use to mean calling in a professional to install fencing. Removable fencing nowadays is simplistic and can be installed by the average homeowner using a rotary hammer drill. The first step in setting up your pool fencing is to decide what size panels will be needed to comply with regulation and deciding what manufacturer to go with.  
Removable safety fencing has proven, over the past thirty years, to be the most practical and effective barrier against pool drowning short of putting up a permanent rail fence. The concept is simple. Isolate the pool from your home and eliminate all access to the water by a toddler. For the pool to be truly isolated and the barriers serve effectively, there must not be a reason to open the pool fence other than to use or service the pool itself. That means not having to open the pool fence to go out a screen enclosure door or into your backyard. These areas should be accessible to you without opening the swimming pool fence. The more times a fence is opened, for a reason other than to use the pool, the greater the possibility that it will be left open for whatever reason.
Removable fencing is constructed of see through, polyester mesh mounted on aluminum or fiberglass support poles. The fence is placed into aluminum or plastic sleeves installed into your deck surface. The bottom border of the fence material should be flush to your deck so as to prevent a child from pushing under.

-Here are the different removable fences we offer:
 water warden pool fence
The Water Warden™ brand has long been a leader in providing swimming pool safety for private and commercial pools, and outdoor recreation markets. Water Warden™ consistently sets the standards for product quality, performance, safety features, service and reliability and convenience.
 cantar GLLI pool fencing
GLI'S Removable Protect-A-Pool fencing system is the easiest way to keep your swimming pool safe from unwanted intrusion of children, pets or stray animals. While easy to install and remove, our patent pending pole design can withstand over 200 lbs. of pressure — stronger than the competition!
  looploc baby loc fence
When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision. But no parent can be everywhere, every minute! For the first time, we're offering the new Removable Fencing from Baby-Loc by Loop-Loc! It's easy to put up, take down, and it adds the extra measure of protection you need. Fence sections open in a snap for easy parent access.


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