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The Leaves Are Falling!

by Myles McMorrow, September 27, 2018

The Leaves Are Falling!

autumn leaves - in your pool?

In my opinion, autumn is one of the best times of the year! The weather gets cooler, holiday decorations come out in full force, and the scenery of beautifully colored leaves can take your breath away. But if you are one of those "lucky" enough to have trees near your pool, this post is for you.

As beautiful as they are, trees can certainly increase cleaning and maintenance time required for a clean, swimmable pool. The good news is that there are many pool maintenance products out there designed to make life easier year-round. From massive leaf nets to simple accessories, let's take a look at a few leaf removal products designed to help you work less and enjoy your pool more.



pool leaf nets

Swimming pool leaf nets are large nets used to cover your entire pool. Water drains through but the leaves stay on top, making it easy to remove all the leaves in one simple motion. If you plan to use leaf nets while the pool is still in operation, they work best tightly stretched across the pool, using stakes in the corners or sides. After covering your pool with a winter pool cover, they can just be laid loosely over the top of the cover and tucked under the water bags or cover weights. Late in the fall, and again when opening, slowly pull off the neaf net to remove the leaves. Transport the net full of leaves to your dumping location - easy! Leaf nets are perfect for both inground and above ground swimming pools.


pool leaf rakes
These are marvelous devices. In fact, leaf rakes are a very common tool found around swimming pool. They can attach to the end of a telescoping pole for manual pool cleaning, or they can be mounted to a stationary bracket to catch leaves and debris as the water flows through it. Flat nets are great for surface skimming, whereas the larger bag-type scoops work best for in-pool cleaning, such as for leaves that have sunk to the bottom of the pool. Cost varies on these items, but generally speaking, the more expensive items in this category are made to commercial standards, and will last much longer.
automatic pool cleaners
Automatic cleaners are the best thing ever made for swimming pools. Put them in the pool, hook them up, and they will do the work for you! Automatic pool cleaners come in three different classes: suction, pressure and robotic pool cleaners. For more information on which class of pool cleaner will work best for you and your pool system, check out the Automatic Pool Cleaners page in our Pool Information Center.

pool leaf vacuum

These items are very useful for the pool with overhanging trees. After a wind storm, attach your leaf vacuum to the end of a pool pole, and suck leaves into the vacuum's oversized bag. It's a fast and effective way to clean the bottom of the pool! The suction power it generates will easily lift leaves, twigs and acorns up into the bag. They're lightweight for easy handling.
pool skimmer extensionSKIMMER EXTENSIONS
Extension attachments are great for pools that don't have enough skimmers or pools with one skimmer that can't keep up with the volume. Skimmer extensions expand the reach of your skimmers and divert debris into your skimmer basket. This removes the leaves before they get saturated and sink to the bottom of the pool. This attachment fits most skimmer types.
Hate pulling off a solar cover, only to have all the leaves on top fall into the pool? Inconvenience must be the mother of all invention. The CoverCatch cover accessory helps you collect leaves on the pool cover for easy removal. Just drop in the floating CoverCatch as you are rolling up your blanket. Right before the end, sweep or blow the leaves onto the float, and remove the leaves from the pool.

These are just a few of the tools that will help keep your pool clean. Trees are beautiful around a pool, but they certainly like to shed debris both spring and fall. Use the right tools and pool maintenance practices to make cleaning the pool an easier task. One final tip: remove as many leaves from the pool surface as possible. Once they sink to the bottom, they become more difficult to remove.