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Swimming Pool Owner Demographics

by Rob Cox, November 2, 2009

Strange title for a blog post ~ but after trolling through site search terms, I was amazed at the number of searches conducted using keywords like "Pool Owner Demo" and "Demographics of Pool Owners". Now, these searches may have been conducted by our affiliates or industry folks, but nonetheless, there seems to be a demand for this type of information.

The data suggests that we have an audience that is DIY (Do It Yourself), loves to fix stuff up around the house, and apparently they also tend to be pet owners and automotive enthusiasts.

We segment our purchasers further into what type of pool they have, In ground, Above ground, Commercial or none. Further segments include their location (Sunbelt / Snowbelt), zip code analysis using Claritas Segmentation, and make and model of pool equipment used.

The interests of swimming pool owners range from Kentucky Derby to Nascar, a real slice of American pie. A fast growing segment of pool owners is the US Hispanic market. As demand for pools as a luxury item is waning in some caucasian markets, it is picking up a lot of steam among US Hispanics.

Pools are apparently still a big part of the "American Dream".