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20 Kid's Activities to Promote Water Safety Awareness

by Rob Cox, March 26, 2010

20 Kid's Activities to Promote Water Safety Awareness


Today, March 26, 2010 is Water Safety Awareness Day, and the education and interest in water safety (and pool safety) runs from now until August. Founded by the Virginia Water Safety Coalition, Water Safety Awareness Day has spread to many states through out the U.S..

Many communities are expanding their water safety awareness programs as a proven method of reducing accidental drownings. If your community has had even one tragic loss of a citizen due to drowning in lakes, rivers or swimming pools, be a positive force by bringing Water Safety Awareness to your organization, school, city or town.

Water Awareness Safety Day was developed by the Virginia Water Safety Coalition . The following list of fun ideas for promotion of water safety, was re-written from content originally provided by the Washington State Drowning Prevention Network

1. Have the older kids write and develop a 30-60 second skit about water safety and perform it for the younger kids.

2. Teach younger kids the rules for being safe when in, on, around water and have them draw pictures to illustrate a rule.

3. Take photos of children wearing their personal floatation devices properly or using reaching/throwing aids properly and make a collage.

4. Include a water safety message with the morning school announcements.

5. Hold a water safety awareness poster contest for kids through art classes at school or other organizations. Provide a prize for the top three winners.

6. Hold a water safety slogan contest. Have children write a letter to their local government officials encouraging them to proclaim a week as Water Safety Awareness Week. Contact the media and ask them to cover planned activities to celebrate the week.

7. If the school menu isn't set in stone, provide cake, or some other dessert, and designate it as special for Water Safety Awareness Week.

8. Coordinate safety events with local parks and recreation departments, local rescue squads, local fire stations, or any other appropriate organizations/agencies (Optimists, Lions, Kiwanis, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.).

9. Involve the school nurse, clinic attendant and/or health and physical education teacher to participate in Water Safety Awareness Week activities.

10. Each school could conduct a water safety awareness seminar for all teachers, which could be presented by another teacher, a clinician or a guest from the local parks and recreation department or injury prevention program.

11. Ask the children to create a character who would be the "water safety mascot".

12. Have kids develop a water safety awareness proclamation for their Mayor or other local government official to sign, etc.

13. Have kids research water safety or boating safety legislation in your state and discuss the pros and cons of regulation.

14. Have kids research water safety, boating safety, pool safety, etc. on the Internet. Have them vote on their favorite sites.

15. Have small groups of older kids create a one-minute public service announcement about water safety.

16. Have kids create a water safety rap song/cheer/speech/poem.

17. Have kids write letters to the editor of the local paper, board of supervisors, etc. about water safety issues.

18. Choose water safety related books to read to kids during reading time. Check with a librarian for help in selecting books.

19. Invite a representative from the local Red Cross, YMCA, Coast Guard, fire department, rescue squad, etc., as a guest speaker during Water Safety Awareness Week.

20. Have kids calculate the volume of water in a standard size pool and the velocity of a body entering various depths of water to illustrate the danger of diving into shallow water.