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Swimming Pool Affiliates

by Rob Cox, May 15, 2010

Swimming Pool Affiliates

Do you have a website? A blog? A FaceBook page? Maybe you have readers or visitors that would benefit by a recommendation to some good ecommerce websites. Or maybe you have thought of selling something on your website, but how to do it? When visitors on your webpage click a link to a merchant in an affiliate program, they are tracked through a third party affiliate network and if that visitor buys something, you get a commission paid to you through the network. Simple as that.

Once you put links up, your goal is to increase the traffic to your web pages, so as to divert the traffic to your merchants. Increasing your traffic can be done through a variety of methods. Email works well for some, and others use PPC ads (think Google, Yahoo sponsored results) to drive traffic on specific search keywords. Some PPC affiliates do not use their own sites as landing pages for people who click their ad. Some merchants prefer not to allow this type of "direct to merchant traffic".

What about SEO - Search Engine Optimization? The best way to rank in the search engines is to put words on the page. Writing good content ~ articles or blogs that draw search engines to index you for your high volume search keywords. For instance, if you wanted to sell Pool Toys and Floats, then you create a new webpage, something like http://www.yoursite.com/pool-toys-pool-floats.htm . After some keyword research online, you can find out the most searched keywords for pool toys and pool floats, and you write some ad copy, or "content" if you prefer, rich in your top keywords.

Affiliates: Drive or direct web traffic (website visitors) to merchants in many ways:

  • Banners or Links on their website
  • Blogging to create Niche content
  • PPC - buying ads on Google, Yahoo...
  • Email marketing
  • SEO - creating relevant, keyword rich websites
  • Store Building - Placing our products on your website
  • Comparison sites - Placing products from many merchants on your site
  • Coupon Sites - Deals, Coupons, Offers for consumers

Merchants: Take a sale, or get a referral lead form filled out or gain loyal readers:

  • E-commerce sites
  • Lead Generation sites
  • Publishers of Content sites

I like the idea of Pool Service companies being pool supply affiliates . I see a lot of 5 or 10 page "brochure" website for Builders, Service Companies, Contractors could provide added value to their visitors by linking from their website to ours. The simplest way is to just place links or banners on your webpage. Some affiliates also add current coupons to entice a click. Some keyword rich copy around your banners and links add relevance for the search bots and help your visitors "qualify" the click.

goldencan feed integrationWith a little more investment, you can add the products right to your webpage using one of our product feed management tools, GoldenCan or PopShops. If you want to sell just chemicals, or just baby floats, solar heaters, pool parts ... you can popshops logobuild a storefront with the product categories that resonate most with your visitors. 

If you are thinking of affiliate marketing of pool supplies, a good place to start is on our Pool Supply Affiliate pages.

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