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Backyard Pond Safety


by Rob Cox, July 26, 2010

Backyard Pond Safety

backyard pond safety

Backyard Ponds, Water Gardens, Ornamental Ponds and Fish Ponds. Lovely to look at, relaxing to behold, and dangerous for young non-swimmers. If your backyard contains an open, natural water feature of depth greater than 6 inches, precautions for safety should be addressed.

Many lucky owners of backyard ponds may not realize the hazard that an open body of water brings to their property. And many more may have built their pond before more stringest safety standards existed. Many localities now require a fence on water depths greater than 18 inches.

Farm lagoons, Irrigation ponds, Retention ponds, Backwaters, Bayoos and other bodies of water can be made safer with just a little effort.


Your Backyard Pond - How to Keep it Safe 

  • Add a combination of rigid fencing and tight low hedges.
  • Remove visual obstructions around the body of water.
  • If your backyard pond is seasonal, consider a mesh safety cover.
  • Katchakid has an innovative pond safety net that will stretch over any size pond.
  • Install a Rescue Post with ring buoy and sign.
  • Alarm any doors leading outside to the pond.
  •  Teach the Children
    • Don't ever go to the pond alone!
    • Don't ever swim in the pond!
    • Don't get too close, you may fall in!
    • Don't drink or play with unsanitary pond water!
    • Do! Enjoy it's beauty and serenity from afar, with me! (you)


 Your Backyard Pond - How to Keep it Legal

  • Your local ordinance likely requires a fence - contact your zoning authority online.
  • Some states require a pool alarm for bodies of water deeper than 36", the recommended depth for Koi ponds.
  • Remember the legal phrase "Attractive Nuisance" used to establish negligence on behalf of property owners.