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Mesh Safety Pool Cover Repair

by Rob Cox, August 22, 2010

Mesh Safety Pool Cover Repair

damaged winter pool covers
Winter can be particularly hard. Lots of snow and ice. Hopefully a car sliding down the street didn't end up on your pool cover! Many pool owners opened their pools this spring to find mesh pool cover damage, and the need for a major mesh pool cover repair.

With the weight of snow of ice, older mesh pool covers can have a variety of damage, all repairable, the most common type of winter safety cover damage is listed below.


1. Mis-shapened cover springs, making them difficult to remove.

2. Small holes where the mesh cover stuck to the ice during a brief thaw.

3. Ripped or torn mesh panels.

4. Ripped or torn cover straps.

Items 1 and 2 can be performed by the homeowner. Small holes in a mesh cover can be patched with our mesh pool cover patches, and warped, broken or mis-shaped mesh cover springs can easily be replaced. Items 3 and 4 however, require professional treatment, by the manufacturer. If you need either of these services, the cover can be sent away for repair (allow 3-4 weeks). A quote for both mesh cover repair or replacement will be created for the damage.

If sending a safety cover in for a repair or replacement quote, make sure that the cover is very clean and has had the springs removed. There is a cleaning fee if the cover is received dirty and laden with debris. Roll it up tightly and place in the smallest box possible. Take it to your local UPS store, Staples, or your favorite local shipper. Be sure to tag your safety pool cover itself with your name, and the name of a Loop-Loc dealer to send a quote to (such as POOLCENTER.com!). Then contact us to let us know how to contact you when we receive the quote. There is no charge for the quote if the work is done. If you decide not to repair or replace it with Loop-Loc, there is a quote fee of $95, plus shipping back to you (if you want it returned).

To receive a quote on your mesh pool cover repair, send your mesh cover to the address provided by your dealer. 

Remember to:

1. Clean the cover and remove the springs.

2. Tag the cover with your name and the name of a Loop-Loc dealer to send the quote to.

3. Contact the dealer to whom the quote is being sent to.

If your mesh safety cover is more than 8 years old, the best option may be to replace the cover. If you have the original purchase information, (no matter which manufacturer), contact us and we should be able to receive a replacement cover quote that will be made to the same specs as the original cover. Call our mesh cover team at 877-POOLCTR. Ask for Sean or Mike - that's all they do this time of year!

Don't wait a minute longer! It takes several weeks for a cover to be received, inspected, quoted and approved (by you). If done now, you can have your mesh cover repair performed and back to you in time for the pool closing.