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Pool Safety: Mesh Safety Pool Covers

Pool Safety: Mesh Safety Pool Covers

by Rob Cox, August 28, 2010

Mesh pool covers can be real lifesaversOn the market now for more than 50 years, the mesh safety cover was invented by Fred Meyer, founder of Meyco Pool Covers, in 1957. Millions have been installed, and not just the Meyco brand. Loop-Loc came along, followed by Merlin, Rayner, HPI, Cantar and many more manufacturers of swimming pool safety covers.

Over time, the product has improved, with stronger, more durable mesh or smaller strap spacing available, longer warranties, triple tack points - but the original design aspects of the mesh safety cover are still employed by all of the major pool cover manufacturers.

The design is rather simple, sew together 5'x5' pieces of mesh polypropylene withmesh fabric of a mesh pool cover heavy strapping on every edge. Sew the strapping monolithically, with cross tacking where they intersect. Where the strapping connects to the edge of the mesh cover, attach a double ended stainless steel spring, and finish off with an aluminum strap tip.

brass anchorThe installer of a mesh pool cover drills a 3/4" hole into the wood or concrete deck and taps in a brass cover anchor. For every strap on the edge of a mesh safety cover, an anchor threads up to put the pool cover on, and threads down flush into the deck when the cover is removed.

A mesh cover is long lasting, with most warranty periods covering at least 10 years. They are very low maintenance, no cleaning required. The look beautiful, and if I may say so, almost elegant. But the thing I like most about mesh safety pool covers, is that word "safety".  Mesh pool covers are the safest type of pool cover available today.

Top Pool Safety Reasons to use a Mesh Safety Pool Cover

  • No other barrier to entry prevents access better
  • It can be used year 'round, not only in the winter
  • Less reliance on alarms, fences or other layers of protection
  • Mesh pool covers give peace of mind
  • Keeps pool clean as it keeps it safer
  • Mesh Covers can even save an inattentive drivers life

Our customer comments file on Loop-Loc covers goes back 20 years. it's the first product poolcenter.com ever sold! The stories of how this product has saved lives and given peace of mind to careful parents are numerous and heartwarming.

Many stories of animals, critters and beloved pets that are saved, in addition to kids, grandkids, neighbor kids that fall on the cover, or run across the cover. Usually the stories include the statement "...if that had happened on our old pool cover, it would have been a tragedy".

We are proud to represent many brands of Mesh Safety Pool Covers, and hope that you will consider one this year to keep your pool safer.