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Pool Cleaner Tune-Up - Robotic Pool Cleaner repair

Pool Cleaner Tune-Up - Robotic Pool Cleaner repair
by Rob Cox, November 22, 2010

Pool Cleaner Tune-Up - Robotic Pool Cleaner repair

robotic pool cleaner repairs and troubleshooting

Robotic pool cleaners aren't really ROBOTS - but they are computer controlled and more importantly - independent of the pool pump and filter system. This independence allows robotic cleaners to operate at peak efficiency, even when the pump or filter is dirty or off.

Robotic pool cleaners include brand names like Aquabot, Aquatron, Aquavac, Dirt Devil or Dolphin. All of these devices share the characteristic of a belt driven rover, with two internal motors - a pump motor and a drive motor. The pump motor does the vacuuming and keeps the suction close to the floor and the wall, while the drive motor is connected to pullies and belts that propel the cleaner forward and in reverse.

Robot pool cleaners operate on low voltage, plug a transformer into any 115v outlet, and plug your cleaner cord into the power box to send 24 volts to the pool cleaner to power the motors. A distinct advantage to the robotic pool cleaner is that while it vacuums, it also filters. The internal debris bag, made of a fine mesh, traps particles as fine as 2 microns, reducing the work load of your filter and chemicals.

Usually reliable, robot pool cleaners will from time to time refuse to move, or turn on, or clean the entire pool upon demand. Here's some tips on what to check when your robotic pool cleaner takes a day off.

  1. Robotic Cleaner is not moving:
    1. Is there water being pushed out of the top of the unit?
                                                              i.      YES: Power is reaching the unit. The water flow should be strong and steady.
1.     Turn over unit and look on the side where the drive motor makes contact with the drive pulley.
2.     Check the tension on the drive belts that run over the pulley.
3.     Check that the pulley fits snugly in the side plate and is making contact with the drive motor pin on the other side of the pulley.
                                                            ii.      NO: Power may not be reaching the unit. Check for:
1.     Indicator Light on the power supply.
2.     Reset button on the power supply.
3.     Fuse on the power supply.
4.     Outlet plugged into has power, not tripped.
5.     Cord from cleaner is snugly plugged in.
6.     Wiggle cord near unit, esp. where it connects to cleaner. Broken internal cord wiring can be a cause.
  1. Robotic Cleaner is moving slowly or not climbing walls.
    1. Check for loose or worn drive belts, pulleys, rollers.
    2. Check for loose wheel tubes or missing bushings.
    3. Check for worn drive tracks or wheel tube brushes.
    4. Check that cleaner bag is not needing to be cleaned.
    5. Check internal floatation pieces.
  1. Robotic Cleaner Cord is tangling
    1. Check your hose floats are well spaced and floating.
    2. Lay in sun straight an uncoiled for a day
    3. Coil up from the cleaner toward the cable plug end.   
    4. Position cord floats over crimped sections.