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Locating Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Locating an Intex type Portable Swimming Pool
by Guest Blogger Chris Miles, March 14, 2011

Locating an Intex type Portable Swimming Pool

above ground pools by Intex So, you finally decided this year to buy an above ground swimming pool, which is far most cost effective to buy and install than an in-ground swimming pool, and you may have chosen an easy set pool, or gone for a more permanent above ground swimming pool.

No matter what model you have chosen to buy, or no matter what size you have chosen to install, the principles for locating your new aboveground pool are the same.

You need to be thinking of a piece of flat, level ground, clear of aerial obstructions such as trees (to stop your pool filling up with leaves) and overhead cables, which may contact a pool pole, or in tragic cases, come loose and fall into the pool.

If you are placing it on grass like many of us will do, it is better to remove all of the turf, and then place down a two to three inch layer of sand to put your Intex pool. The sand will help remove any imperfections such as sharp stones which may otherwise have punctured your above ground swimming pool. Make sure you use filtered and graded sand, not masonry sand, which contains small pebbles.

Ideally you should also aim to locate your pool in a location that catches as much sunshine as possible, and also avoid any areas where the pool may be in an area of high winds, which can otherwise make the above ground swimming pool seem colder than it actually is. If you are considering a solar pool heater, allow enough space to place solar pool panels, with a southerly exposure.

Taking these simple tips into consideration should see you finding a great location for your Intex above ground swimming pool.

Installing Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Okay, so you are just about to go out and buy your new above ground Intex pool, but before you do, you need to have a very careful think about how you are going to install it your aboveground pool, and more importantly where you are going to install it.

You may think that nice spot at the bottom of your garden that is always in the sun is the ideal place, but you also have to think about getting the services you will need to run your pool to it.

Primarily these are water and electricity, but you should not also overlook having adequate drainage, as in the event that you need to empty your above ground Intex swimming pool then you are looking at having to empty out several hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water. Of note is that this volume of water will not simply drain away through your lawn!

Wherever you are considering placing your pool, it must be very flat and level. If you do not have such a surface then you will need to level an area up, to install it on. Any slope, even a slight one, will cause the water to un-evenly load the pool, which can result in a sidewall failure. Even an inch of slope from one side to the other will create problems. To check the level of the ground, place a carpenter's level on a long piece of lumber. Move the lumber in a circular fashion, to check level from all directions.

Installing any Intex pool is easy providing that you take the above in to consideration. The same considerations apply to all Intex above ground pools from easy set pools to ultra frame round metal pools. In each instance you need power, water, drainage and most importantly - a level surface.

Chris Miles is the Director at Splash and Relax, the leading supplier of swimming pools products in the UK. Splash and Relax specialise in Above Ground Swimming Pools from major brands world wide.