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Happy April Pools Day!

How to Safely drain your swimming pool
by Rob Cox, March 27, 2011

Host your own April Pools Day!

apache junction parks & rec april pools day - on APRIL 16, 2011 Sponsored by many Parks & Recreation departments, fire departments or municipalities managing pools, churches and swim teams - events include water safety demonstrations, water safety skills and life vest education. The water skills and open swim time helps identify swimmers who need further swimming instruction, and gives all valuable pre-season pool safety reminders.

There are some prepared agenda and promotional ideas for hosting your own April Pools Day. Probably too late for this year's April Pools' Day, but if you are in the snowbelt, you can plan a May 1 -or- a June 1 event to promote water safety, in your own pool, river, lake or ocean communities.

Having involvement from a local swim team is a good team building exercise, as well as good for leadership training, as they are supervising and encouraging young swimmers during the open free swim time. Local churches, HOA groups, clubs and schools can quickly raise the pool safety IQ of a community with such a project.

In fact, any organization managing a pool or group of pools for a large group of users could hold an early-season April Pools Day of their own - even if not in April. Organize it, then Promote it. Many April Pools' Days are hosted at indoor pools, but that doesn't have to be the case. See our links below for some guidance in how to organize your own April Pools Day or "May Day for Pools", or just "Pool Safety Day". The April Pool Day shown in the image is not on April 1, but on April 16.

With drowning numbers in Texas pools last year, and in every other state in the union, we can't do enough to remind ourselves of how to be safe around water - at the pools, the rivers, lakes and oceans. If you have a small amount of time available in your spring, organize an April Pool's Day now for your community.


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