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CPSC issues recall on Pool & Spa drain covers

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by Rob Cox, May 28, 2011


CPSC issues recall on Pool & Spa drain covers

recall of drain covers by CPSC

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has issued a recall of drain covers manufacturered after the Virginia Graeme Baker act required a redesign in 2008.

The below listed pool drain covers manufacturerd after December 19, 2008 have been determined to have been incorrectly rated for protection against body entrapment.

There have not been any reported injuries related to these drain covers, however, secondary testing by third party labs showed that the original ratings were insufficient and could pose a danger of drain entrapment.

In a related story this week, Sandals resort is sued for negligence in the drowning death of a 33 year old male, Jon Van Hoy, Jr, a former all state baseball player. Several grown adults could not pull Van Hoy from the powerful suction of a dangerous pool drain cover.

Pool installers and pool owners can receive information on the recall by contacting the Drain Cover Recall Hotline at 1-866-478-3521, contacting the drain cover manufacturer directly or visiting the Drain Cover Recall Website at www.apsp.org/draincoverrecall .

Pools with multiple drain systems (dual drains) or gravity drain systems or for drain covers installed before December 19, 2008 do NOT need to retrofit, EXCEPT for kiddie pools / wading pools or for in-ground spas.

Pool owners should NOT remove or disturb their drain covers themselves, and should NEVER use a spa or pool where the drain cover is missing or broken. Drain covers should be removed by pool installers or other specialists in the CPSC main drain guidelines. Swimming pools and spas should never by operated without all drain covers securely attached.

Consumers will not incur costs for reasonable replacement/retrofit of recalled drain covers that are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Pool Owners must register with the manufacturer of the recalled drain cover, and, where applicable, have the service performed by the manufacturer's authorized service provider, in order to avoid incurring costs for the replacement or retrofit of recalled covers. See our list of manufacturers below.


recalled main drains


Company Model Information (websites) Dates Sold Remedy
A&A www.aamfg.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
AquaStar www.aquastarpoolproducts.com Dec. 2008 - Apr.2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Color Match www.poolfittings.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Custom Molded Products www.c-m-p.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Hayward Pool Products www.hayward-pool.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Pentair Water Pool & Spa www.pentairpool.com June 2009 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Rising Dragon www.risingdragonplastics.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011 Replacement or Retrofit
Waterway www.waterwayplastics.com Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2011

Replacement or Retrofit