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5 swimming pool exercises you can do in 10 minutes

5 swimming pool exercises you can do in 10 minutes
by Rob Cox, Sept 09, 2011

5 swimming pool workout exercises you can do in 10 minutes

pool exercize workout in the pool

In a recent survey on pool use, on our facebook page (not very scientific, I know), we found that pool owners listed Fitness as a less important benefit to them in the use of their pool. Fun and Relaxation topped the survey results, but good 'ol pool exercise or pool workouts, got barely a mention.

So, America - it's time to use our pools more wisely. We're not getting any slimmer, as a nation - so let's vow to use our pools to increase our health, with quick, cardio pool workouts that will show you almost instant results.

Growing up in pools, in Florida and California, we had fitness come naturally as kids. Games, Dives, Races, or just horsing around kept us skinny and toned.

Try these pool exercises below or develop your own personal pool workout. It's easy to isolate certain areas of the body, and enjoy the benefits with a low-impact pool exercise workout.



1. Water Jogging: As shown in the picture above, used with a floatation belt. Using a pool exercise belt is not mandatory, but without it, in deep water, you are not really jogging, you are treading water. If you are using a pool exercise belt, run in place, with slightly exaggerated movements, without your feet touching the pool floor.

2. Water Running: This is done without the aid of a floatation belt or vest in water that is mid-torso deep. Run sprints across the shallow end of the pool, with high knees and exaggerated movement of the arms and torso. Squatting slightly to bring the water up to the shoulder adds some challenge. Wearing ankle weights adds even more. eggbeater kick

3. Egg Beater: This is a modified way of treading water used by water polo players. At a casual speed, it gives a gentle workout to nearly all parts of the body. It can be done in place, or you can move around the pool, in a forward or backwards (or sideways) location. At a high speed, the egg beater kick brings you up out of the water, and good water polo players (like I used to be) can lunge out of the water to waist level. One eggbeater workout drill I remember was to hold a water polo ball on our heads while using the eggbeater kick - for 10 mins (seemed like 10 hours). This can be a difficult skill to master - more about how to do the eggbeater kick here.

4. Pool Roman Chair: Using two balls, a pool tube or kickboards, or some way to support your arms and shoulders. Lift the legs to waist level and return. Add a twist to give a workout to obliques and those love handles. This pool exercise can also be done in a prone position, with legs forward or backwards.

5. Jump and Dig:  This pool workout is in chest high water or deeper, with feet at shoulder width apart. Submerge yourself to a squat on the pool floor. Jump up to crest the surface, take a deep breath (done right, this is also a great breathing exercise) and with cupped hands, rapidly bring both arms to the surface. This will force you back to the bottom. Repeat, repeatedly - allowing arms to move up and down (digging the water) as you Jump off the bottom.

If you have favorite pool exercises that you want to share, list some of your pool fitness tips in the comments below!