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Mesh Safety Pool Covers are Green!

Mesh Safety Pool Covers are Green!
by Rob Cox, Sept 18, 2011

Mesh Safety Pool Covers are Green!

pro mesh covers are eco friendly to own

Mesh safety pool covers are usually green colored, this is true - although you can buy them nowadays made in nearly any color. This post is about how and why mesh pool covers are environmentally friendly. Mesh pool covers are green, or eco-friendly, and if you have one on your pool for winter use or as a year 'round safety cover - you are making a reducing landfill waste, reducing plastic manufacturing and are also saving water.

1. Mesh pool covers save water. When closing a mesh covered pool, the water level is lowered 12 inches below the tile, and allowed to fill up gradually during the winter, from rain and snow melt. This improves water condition, first of all, because rain water is essentially very pure and dilutes the level of dissolved solids in your pool water. But the main thing is that it saves thousands of gallons of water per year because with a mesh pool cover, you usually do not have to add water during your pool opening. It's already topped-off!

2. Mesh pool covers reduce plastics production. Many of the covers available to us here in the U.S. are made in China, where environmental restrictions on manufacturing or enforcement may be lacking. Plastics (covers) and vinyl (water bags) production is chemical heavy and when done cheaply, produces air and water pollution. After winter pool covers are made, they are shipped overseas, then shipped by land to distributors, who ship to dealers, who finally ship to the pool owner. All this shipping of pool covers and water bags is another byproduct that can be reduced (eliminated) with a mesh pool cover.

3. Mesh pool covers reduce landfill waste. The average solid pool cover lasts 3-5 years. I know they have warranties up to 20 years, but how many of you have had a solid winter pool cover last anywhere close to the warranty? Tree branches are no friend to the solid pool cover, and neither is neglect. Heavy debris and water, and ice - can weaken seams. Strong sunlight degrades a weak cover quickly. The average mesh pool cover however, lasts 12-14 years. You would replace a solid cover 3 or 4 times - and when they fail, you'd probably put it out in the trash. Or your pool guy does it for you. That's a lot of non-biodegradable plastics in our landfills. Not to mention the dozens of water bags you've gone through. When these fail, they are rarely patched (although you can - with any vinyl patch kit), they are simply thrown out with the pool opening debris.

So, there you have it - proof positive that having a mesh safety pool cover on your pool is the eco-friendly thing to do. Go green with your pool, and take a look a mesh cover. In addition to being green (or any other color you want), they are the safest thing going, and they look pretty good while doing it.